Precision Biodiagnostics

Early and accurate detection is crucial to precisely identify and treat the correct disease or dysfunction.

Research in this area contributes to advancing Theme 2: Technologies for improved diagnostics in the Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy.

How is UCalgary making a difference?

Biomarkers have been identified that enable early detection of disease and dysfunction. Novel devices are being developed using micro- and nano- technologies to deliver these diagnostic tools to the hospital and community to provide faster and more accurate detection of injury and disease.

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Translational Health

Dr. Ian Lewis speaks about his research in developing rapid diagnostic tools for infectious diseases, and UCalgary’s growing momentum in precision diagnostics, which has gained roughly $30 million in research support.

Diagnostics, Biomarkers and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Kristina Rinker speaks about her research in diagnostics and therapeutics in cancer.

Here are a few selected team projects in the area of Precision Biodiagnostics. Please contact us to learn more about research in this area.

Bathe Lab

Developing a Blood Test for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

A convenient diagnostic test that’s easier than a colonoscopy or a stool test and will help save lives.

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Lewis Lab

From Days to Hours: New Rapid Diagnostic Tools for Fighting Bloodstream Infections

Developing faster tools to deliver the right antibiotic earlier and prevent deaths from infection.

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Nezhad Lab

Developing Point-of-Care Devices for Prepaid Detection of Brain Injury and Concussion

A hand-held biosensor that monitors the changes in biomolecules in the brain to improve the diagnosis of central nervous system injury and sports concussion.

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