Regenerative Medicine

Many conventional treatments for humans and animals often lead to temporary and incomplete improvements in health, function, or quality of life. Regenerative medicine enables a long-term solution for many diseases and injuries.

Research in this area contributes to advancing Theme 3: Engineered novel therapeutics in the Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy.

How is UCalgary making a difference?

University of Calgary researchers are using expertise in stem cell biology, biomaterials and bioprocessing technology to develop novel regenerative medicine solutions for aneurysms, cartilage repair, nerve repair, and skin regeneration.

RM Wheel

Ungrin Laboratory

Dr. Mark Ungrin speaks about his research in regenerative medicine, specifically organoid development, and technical innovation in the field of comparative biology.

Here are a few selected team projects in the area of Regenerative Medicine. Please contact us to learn more about research in this area.

Biernaksie Lab

Stem Cell and Materials Based Strategies for Skin Regeneration

Creating new skin tissue to help skin grafts heal faster and better with less scarring and improved patient well being.

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Krawetz Lab

Endogenous Repair of Cartilage

Activating stem cells in the joint to repair cartilage and manage osteoarthritis.

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Sen Lab

Tissue Engineering Solutions to Cerebrovascular Disorders

Developing stem cell-based technologies to repair, regenerate or replace damaged or diseased blood vessels in the brain.

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