NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program supports the training of teams of highly qualified students and postdoctoral fellows from Canada and abroad through the development of innovative training programs. This program is designed to:

  • encourage collaborative and integrative approaches and address significant scientific challenges association with Canada’s research priorities; and
  • facilitate the transition of new researchers from trainees to productive employees in the Canadian workforce.

Proposed training initiatives should be focused on providing a value-added experience to the university training environment to better prepare research trainees for their future careers in industry, government or academia. CREATE programs must include the acquisition and development of important professional skills that complement their qualifications and technical skills. 


6 years


 $100K to max of $200K (year 1) and up to $350K (years 2-6), with a total over six years not to exceed $1.65M

There are several streams of opportunity within the CREATE program:

1. Regular Stream

2. Industrial Stream

International Collaborations:

3. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - German Research Foundation Stream

  • An agreement between NSERC and DFG is in place to support bilateral training programs that involve the exchange of students between Germany and Canada.

4. Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo (FAPESP) – State of Sao Paulo Stream

  • NSERC has established an agreement with FAPESP to allow researchers from Sao Paulo to access funding to collaborate with CREATE recipients in Canada.

If you plan to participate in either of the International Collaborations streams, please let Research Services know as soon as possible.

Application Process

The NSERC CREATE program consists of a two stage adjudication process involving a Letter of Intent (LOI) and a full application by invitation only. Important deadlines for the LOI stage of the competition are identified.

Please note: the University of Calgary is limited in the number of LOIs that can be submitted to NSERC and will be carrying out an internal selection process conducted by SUPPORT and the Vice-President (Research).


If you have any questions about the NSERC CREATE program, please contact the Institutional Programs Division at ipd@ucalgary.ca . 

Projects being led elsewhere: 

Faculty members participating in CREATE initiatives being led elsewhere, are asked to contact Research Services (ipd@ucalgary.ca) by March 30, 2018.