SSHRC Partnership Grants

Partnership Grants provide support for new and existing formal partnerships (over a period of four to seven years) to advance research, research training and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership as well as through resources as evidenced by cash and/or in-kind contributions. At least one partner must be from an organization or institution other than the University of Calgary. This program provides funding up to $500,000 per year for a maximum total of up to $2.5 million over seven years. Additional cash and/or in-kind support from partners totaling a minimum of 35% over and above the budget request from SSHRC. 

Application process

The SSHRC Partnership Grants program consists of a two stage adjudication process involving a Letter of Intent (LOI) stage and a formal application stage (by invitation only). Important deadlines are identified below. 

Faculty members interested in participating in a SSHRC Partnership Grants competition are encouraged to participate in a Test Your Concept opportunity to receive feedback on their ideas. 


4-7 years


$500,000 per year for a maximum of up to $2.5 million over seven years  

Projects being led elsewhere

If the University of Calgary is to be named as a partner organization, the co-applicant from the University of Calgary is encouraged to initiate discussions with their Faculty and contact Research Services ( by January 20, 2016. Research Services will provide information on the invitation process and assist in fulfilling partner requirements.

Faculty members interested in applying to the 2015 Partnership Grants program are asked to provide Research Services with a half-page overview of their proposed project by November 2, 2015 (a meeting to discuss next steps will then be scheduled).

The half-page overview should include a synopsis of the overall goals and objectives of the proposed partnership and corresponding research.