Researcher Spotlights

Researcher Spotlight - Nicole Calma, CERC

Nicole Anne Calma, Research Assistant, CERC Office

Nicole started at the University of Calgary in January 2019. Originally from the Philippines, Nicole has lived in Calgary for the last four years and is completing her journey to become a Canadian citizen.

Research Focus Area: Manufacturing a conductivity based liquid hydrocarbon sensor.

Favourite experience at UCalgary so far: Meeting new people who share the same passion for science and innovation.

Fun fact: If I am not in the lab working on my project, I’m probably singing somewhere else.

Ping Song, Postdoctoral Scholar, GRI

Ping is from China and started at the University of Calgary in October 2017.

Research focus area: Interfacial property of 2D and 3D metal organic frameworks (MOFs) at the oil/water interface, as well as the development of MOF-based membranes and composites for oil recovery, oil/water separation, and water treatment.

Favourite experience at UCalgary so far: The Theme 1 team collaboration. I can discuss with all the professors and HQPs, and get their advice and comments from different perspectives. 

Fun fact: I like rock climbing, swimming, and skiing.

Researcher Ping Song
Ali T.

Ali Telmadarreie, Research Associate, CERC

Ali is from Iran and came to the University of Calgary in April 2017 to complete his postdoc, after which he became a UCalgary Research Associate on the CERC team.

Research focus area: My research focuses on the integration of advanced material science with classical reservoir engineering to create novel solutions for long-standing challenges for recovering hydrocarbon and increase the efficiency and sustainability (i.e. reducing the footprint and environmental impact) of the energy production. 

Favourite experience at UCalgary so far: Working with a diverse cohort of talented researchers which promotes creativity and innovation. 

Fun fact: I’m in love with nature - I love to go camping and fishing. And I can play the guitar!

Ranjani Kannaiyan, Postdoc Associate, GRI

Ranjani is from India and joined us at the University of Calgary in September 2009 as a PhD Student, and became a Postdoctoral Scholar in February 2014.

Research focus area: At present, our research is focused on capture and conversion of hazardous gases from petrochemical industries. It involves synthesis of new materials and technology development for selective capture of the hazardous gases and converting the gases to value added product. 

Favourite experience at UCalgary so far: Being involved with Operation Minerva program as a mentor to the eighth graders and representing myself as a woman in science is my most cherished experience. 

Fun fact: Doing fun science experiments with my kids.

Ranjani Kannaiyan


Roberto Aguilera

Dr. Roberto Aguilera is the 2019 recipient of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty. This achievement is only given to one person globally and will be presented at the SPE Annual Awards Banquet on October 1, 2019.

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George Shimizu

George Shimizu was named the recipient of the 2019 Rio Tinto Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada. The Rio Tinto Award is presented to a scientist who has made a distinguished contribution to the fields of inorganic chemistry or electrochemistry while working in Canada.

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Aseem Pandey

UCalgary Chemical Engineering Master's student Aseem Pandey is a successful recipient of a GreenSTEM Fellowship, a new program from the Alberta Government that supports budding entrepreneurs and the creation of Alberta-based clean-tech companies.

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Nancy Chen

UCalgary's Nancy Chen has been awarded the Society of Petroleum Engineer's (SPE) Canadian Regional Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty. This award recognizes superiority in classroom teaching, excellence in research, significant contributions to the petroleum engineering profession and/or special effectiveness in advising and guiding students.

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