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Academic Entrepreneurs in Residence

Providing mentorship to help move emergent research ideas toward impactful solutions

Academic Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Academic Entrepreneurs in Residence (AEIR) program powered by the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking offers mentorship and practical support when and where it’s needed. We are supercharging innovation and nurturing venture building through a network of embedded mentors.

The AEIR role at the University of Calgary is aimed at supporting a critical step in the innovation workflow by providing mentorship and practical support to help move emergent research ideas toward impactful solutions in our community.

The odds are stacked against those trying to create a successful venture. AEIR’s are tilting those odds to favour UCalgary researchers who possess innovative solutions. The AEIR mentors have been in this position. They have tried, failed and sometimes succeeded. They recognize that entrepreneurship requires a holistic view of the problems and solutions. 

    Academics speaking the language of academia and business

    Our mentees

    • Are accomplished experts in their field of research
    • Are motivated to take their research outside the university through some form of venture
    • Are stuck on translating their research findings to real world applications
    • Want to be more competitive in the private sector
    • Crave insight to the commercialization process and guidance in the business world

    Our mentors:

    • Recognize potential application areas in emerging research results
    • Assess transformative solutions in terms of novelty and commercialization
    • Create an environment where researchers are committed, coachable and available
    • Support the development of technical readiness plans
    • Take an interest in enterprise education

    AEIR helps create momentum

    AEIR’s help can maximize the probability of success for early-stage UCalgary innovators through individualized mentoring that is specific to the research group and their planned venture. These are mentors who have a deep understanding of research, technology and business. 

    AEIR works directly with faculty, staff, postdoc fellows and students at the University of Calgary to help recognize the commercial or social potential of their research activities and create a plan that moves them further along the innovation continuum.

    AEIR’s connect the languages of research and academia with those of business and community to help entrepreneurs focus on the potential societal significance of an idea or discovery.

    Meet the AEIR Team

    Adam Pidlisecky

    Dr. Adam Pidlisecky, PhD

    Dr. Belinda Heyne

    Dr. Belinda Heyne, PhD

    Jeff Ryzner

    Jeff Ryzner

    Philippa Ngaju

    Philippa Ngaju, MSc

    Dr. Lian Willetts, PhD

    Dr. Lian Willetts, PhD

    Paula Berton

    Dr. Paula Berton, PhD

    Dr. Victoria Hodgkinson, PhD

    Dr. Victoria Hodgkinson, PhD