Research Strategy

The Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy identifies four priority research themes that direct our research efforts to address complex, global health and wellness research challenges and opens the door for even broader collaboration.

Research Themes

The Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy identifies three priority research themes and one emerging research theme, each one with a specific goal:

  1. To invent and implement technologies that will keep people healthy and minimize complications from diseases, while also helping predict injury and illness.
  2. To develop more accurate imaging and diagnostics to detect disease earlier, provide biomarkers for evaluating new therapies, and enable personalized treatments optimized for the individual patient.
  3. To develop high-quality, long-lasting treatments for injury and disease, based on stem cells, targeted drugs and novel devices.
  4. To deliver research built on our emerging strengths, using engineering tools and approaches to improve patient flow through the health care system.
BME themes

Research Focus Areas

The BME focus areas represent clusters of multidisciplinary teams working together to solve challenging and relevant health and wellness problems that contribute to the Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy. Learn more about what our researchers are working on.

Running Track

Human Mobility

Advanced Biomedical Imaging

Advanced Biomedical Imaging

Tyberg Lab

Regenerative Medicine

White Lab

Health Monitoring and Management

Krawetz Lab

Precision Diagnostics

Syed Lab

Novel Medical Technologies