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Animal Health Unit

The Animal Health Unit (AHU) provides support for animals involved in science or teaching at the University of Calgary. 

With the help of the University Veterinarians, the AHU offers training to those working with animals, creates standard operating procedures (SOPs) relating to animal welfare, and offers administrative help to researchers with animal use protocols.


Further, the Post-Approval Assurance (PAA) team within the AHU assists the research and teaching community in fostering best practices and advancing animal welfare in research and education

The secure AHU website contains:

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Animal User Training

All users who will be involved in animal-related work are required to complete animal user training. Read more or register for the Institutional Animal User Training Program (IAUTP) on our Secure Pages.

SOPs & Policies

Find PDF versions of the SOPs and policies related to working with animals at UCalgary.


Post-Approval Assurance

Learn more about our PAA program, including the External Animal Spaces Certificate and how to ensure alignment with approved AUPs and institutional SOPs

Controlled Drug Exemptions for Scientific Research

Find information on the process of obtaining a controlled substance exemption for research purposes at UCalgary.

User Guides & Forms

Find helper videos on how to use IRISS, and PDFs regarding animal ordering/pricing, strain lists, consent forms, and more. 


Learn the latest news that relates to working with animals at UCalgary.

Animal Care Committees

Institutions conducting animal-based research, teaching or testing require the formation of an animal care committee. Read more on our committees page. 

Animal Resource Centres

Read more about the three research facilities that work with animals

Scientific Merit and Ethical Review of Animal-Based Research

Animal use in research may only be undertaken if the UCalgary Animal Care Committees find the use of animals acceptable and of probable scientific value. Find information related to our Scientific Merit Review on our secure website. For further information on Scientific Merit, click here to read the CCAC Policy

Pedagogical Merit of Live Animal-Based Teaching and Training

Live animal-based learning activities must be reviewed and determined essential to meet learning objectives. Find out more about our pedagogical merit review process and to access forms on our secure website. For more information on Pedagogical Merit of live animal-based teaching and training, click here to read the CCAC Policy


Post-Approval Assurance

Individuals involved in animal-related work must promptly report animal health concerns and incidents of non-compliance. This may include animals exhibiting signs of distress or compromised health, morbidity, and mortality, as well as significant events that have the potential to negatively impact animal welfare (e.g., housing animals in non-approved spaces). 


Persons who believe that animals are at risk should contact:

  • Their supervisor
  • University Veterinarians 
  • The Post-Approval Assurance Specialist (
  • University of Calgary Animal Research and Education Executive (
  • The Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity Office (PRDI)


UCalgary must report major animal welfare incidents to the CCAC within 14 days of the event. CCAC Certification of Ethical Animal Care and Use Programs Policy

Lab User

Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity Office

If at any time you are asked to do something outside of your animal use protocol, or need protected disclosure for any reason, please refer to the Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity Office (PDRIO).

PRDIO Website

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