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United Way Campaign

Office of the Vice-President (Research) Portfolio

Welcome to the 2023 VPR Campaign Page!

The United Way and the University of Calgary are working together to tackle local issues through the lens of four key outcomes:

  • Socioeconomic Well-being,
  • Mental Health,
  • Social Inclusion
  • and Healthy Relationships. 

Giving to the Community Impact Fund is the best way to make an impact, as funds are targeted to where they are needed most in our community. The Fund provides stable funding to over 120 agencies, ensuring Calgarians can access services and supports when and where they need them. It supports United Way in responding to urgent and emerging community issues, seeding innovative ways to tackle society's biggest problems, and transforming the systems perpetuating societal disparities.

With your help, UCalgary is aiming to raise $370,000 for the United Way this year. Through your donation, you are choosing to invest in programs and collaborations that provide vital services available to all Calgarians. 

The VPR Portfolio is launching fundraising events taking place until Dec. 15 to help the university reach our fundraising goal of $370,000.

Join us for some social (or solitary) activities for a good cause this giving season! 

We recognize that challenging times continue for everyone in our campus community. Please note that participation in all United Way activities is completely optional.

Learn more about UCalgary's commitment to our community with the 2023 United Way campus campaign:

Visit: UCalgary's United Way Campaign Page

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Our Community "Star Partners"

The VPR United Way subcommittee would like to thank the following community partners for their generous prize donations for this year's fundraising campaign.

Be a VPR Superstar!


Play, Support, and Save! Donate $25 to the VPR United Way campaign and receive Superstar status.

Being a superstar grants you access to participate both the Board Game Champion and Winter Wellness Challenge activities without paying the entry fees.


  • Log in to the United Way donation portal using your university email
  • Donate a minimum of $25
  • Email the receipt to Maryam to get your Superstar status
  • Have fun!!

Activity hosts will reach out to all Superstar holders to confirm participation in the Board Game Champion and Winter Wellness Challenge activities. Superstars can join one, both, or none of the activities.

Key Dates

  • VPR Superstar donations must be made on or before November 10
  • Hosts will confirm dates for specific activities

You Activity Host

Please reach our to Maryam Tahir with the RSO office at maryam.tahir@ucalgary.ca with questions or to send your donation receipt.

Board Game Champion

Roll up your sleeves and challenge your colleagues with this year's social event of the season! 

Join your fellow campus colleagues in a friendly competition to be crowned Board Game Champion. Held over a series of several lunch hours, players will compete to get the overall highest score! 

The game will be easy to learn, play, and have a short run-time (can be completed over the lunch hour). 


  • Donate $15 through the United Way donation portal (or become a VPR Superstar to waive the fee)

  • Email your donation receipt to Connie to confirm participation in the activity 

  • Players will be competing individually.

  • Highest score at the end of the final heat wins! 

  • Guaranteed laughs (and groans) 

  • Winner will receive their own copy of the game!  

Key Dates

  • Dates for game heats will be announced based on number of entrants

Your Activity Host

Questions? Contact Connie Tsang with the Transdisciplinary Scholarship group at: cyftsang@ucalgary.ca


Winter Wellness Challenge

Grab a friend (or plan for some solo-time) and focus on well-being in this two-week wellness winter challenge from November 13 - 26!

Wellness includes activities that promote body and mind balance - and are trackable! Points will be recorded either based on steps taken or time spent doing the activity. Prizes will be awarded to the highest earned points at the end of the challenge.

Prizes (full list of prizes TBA)

6-month complimentary membership to YMCA Calgary Facilities - 2 prizes

1-month membership to Yoga Santosha - 1 prize

  • 1st Place: First choice for any of the prizes 
  • 2nd Place: Second choice
  • 3rd Place: Remaining prize


  • Donate $15 through the United Way donation portal (or become a VPR Superstar to waive the fee

  • Email Maryam with your donation receipt to confirm your entry to the activity

  • Track your activities  using an app or other way to record the time and activity

  • Record your daily points in our weekly forms
    • Week 1 (Nov 13-19) -  Submit your daily points here (Week 1 Form)
    • Week 2 (Nov 20-26) - Submit your daily points here (Week 2 Form)

Note: Winners will be subject to an audit of recorded activities. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded based on top points at the end of the challenge.

Points Calculator

Tracking Steps: 1 step = 1 point

  • Track and record your daily step count using a phone, step counter, or fitness app

Tracking Wellness: Add 5000 points for every 30-min interval

  • Wellness includes activities that promote body and mind balance - and are time trackable
    • Physical movement like biking or yoga
    • Mindfulness practices such as meditation
    • Fitness exercises (HIIT, weight lifting, pilates, etc.)

Key Dates

  • Challenge runs 2 weeks, November 13-26
  • Entry fee must be paid by noon, November 10
  • Week 1 tracking form Deadline: noon, November 20, 2023
  • Mid-challenge standings announced, November 20
  • Week 2 tracking form Deadline: noon, November 27, 2023
  • Challenge winners announced, December 1

Your Activity Host

Contact Maryam Tahir with RSO at: maryam.tahir@ucalgary.ca

The Great VPR Bake Sale

Calling all Bakers: 

Heat up your ovens for a good cause and help us bake tasty treats for our VPR-hosted United Way bake sale over 2 separate lunch hours.

Bake sales will be held in the Hunter Student Commons on the main floor by the revolving doors.

To join the fun, please donate some of your favourite goodies for our University community to enjoy! We want everyone to be able to participate so donations can be either homemade/home prepared or prepackaged/commercial items, as long as they're delicious!


To donate baked goods, please include:

  • a name and list of ingredients for the product
  • portions wrapped individually - note: all will be priced at $2 per individual serving.
  • indicate if your product meets specific dietary restrictions (gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.)
  • all goods MUST BE NUT-FREE

Key Dates:

  • Deadline to enter: November 15
  • Bake Sales: November 21 and December 5 | 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Other information:

  • Email Aylin on or before Nov 15 to indicate your participation
  • Donated baked goods will be collected through the RSO office: 6th floor of MacKimmie Tower
  • The activity host will be in contact with bakers to arrange drop off times

Your Activity Host:

Questions? Reach out to Aylin Arzola Salazar in RSO at aylin.arzolasalazar@ucalgary.ca.



Island Survivors

Hosted by the Faculty of Science

This year, the VPR is joining 12 units and faculties are combining forces to bring you 2 amazing fundraisers: Cozy Island and Wonders of Fermentation Island survivors.  
Participate in one or both - it's up to you! 

To participate, you must be 18+ and reside in Alberta. Ticket sales will run online, so you need a credit or debit card with an Alberta address. Winners of the Survivor games will be announced in December. 

All donations will be equally attributed between participating UCalgary units at the end of the activity.

Hygge Survivor on Cozy Island 

The seasons are changing...are you ready for hygge evenings and weekends? Cozy island is filled with all  the warm, comfortable things that bring hygge into your life - woolly socks, handknit mittens, warm tea and hot chocolate, candles, delicious non-perishable snacks and candies, good books, and more...  

Wine Survivor on Wonders of Fermentation Island 

Isn't yeast the best? Wonders of Fermentation Island offers you the chance to restock your wine cellar and beer fridge with marvelous wine, beer, cider, spirits, cocktails...all brought to you by our favourite eukaryote! 

For more information:

Visit https://science.ucalgary.ca/united-way


50/50 Raffle

Hosted by the Office of Advancement

UCalgary invites you to participate in our first-ever 50/50 raffle as part of our 2023 United Way Workplace Campaign! Simply put, a 50/50 raffle is like a party where someone could leave with a cash prize.

Participants purchase tickets, and the winner walks away with half the total money raised while the rest goes straight to United Way! The more you/your colleagues donate, the higher the pool of winnings!

The pool can go as high as $20,000 (which means the winner can walk away with as much as $10k!)


  • Ticket prices: 200 for $50 | 50 for $20 | 10 for $10 | 1 for $5
  • Choose "Research" when purchasing tickets to ensure your donation is counted as part of the VPR fundraising campaign

Key Dates:

  • Ticket sales - October 19 - December 12
  • Draw date - December 12

For More Information:

Visit: UCalgary rafflebox 

Sparks of Gratitude

Hosted by the Office of Advancement

UCalgary’s Sparks of Gratitude campaign is a fun new way to show appreciation for your colleagues and give to United Way at the same time!

This campaign supports a positive, engaged culture, and helps make UCalgary a great place to work and learn. Write messages of thanks, encouragement or just let someone know how they make UCalgary a better place for all. Collect your “sparks” from your area’s United Way cabinet representative.


  • Donate $10 and receive 5 “sparks” to share with your colleagues

Key Dates

  • Purchase sparks until December 15

More information

Visit: Sparks donation page