Social Innovation

Create positive social change

Engaging faculties and community to create social good through collaboration, research, and evaluation.

What is the Social Innovation Initiative (SII)?

The SII is supported by the Office of the Vice-President (Research) to enable faculties to mobilize their academic experience and transdisciplinary expertise into solutions for complex social problems. 

We define social innovation as the intentional implementation of an initiative to address a social need that is enabled through collaborative action leading to new or improved relationships and capabilities that are more effective, efficient, just, and sustainable.

SII's goal is to build capacity for academic social innovators.

The SII serves:

Faculty-based researchers working on solutions for positive social change in community

We provide:

  • Funding for indirect costs of research and partnership (i.e., expert-led workshops, IP and knowledge mobilization support services, outreach activities, costs associated with research conferences and symposiums, marketing of teaching materials)
  • Connection to UCalgary's innovation ecosystem
  • Community informed and integrated collaborations

Review eligibility.

Community agencies developing solutions to complex social challenges


We provide:

  • Multidisciplinary approaches for collaboration and consultation
  • Access to research and evaluation expertise to help advance your programming and mandate
  • Connection to UCalgary's broad innovation ecosystem

UCalgary's SI ecosystem to develop the infrastructure to advance social innovation

We do this by:

  • Advancing a SI culture at UCalgary
  • Thought leadership and accountability
  • Reward and Recognition


Move your SI work forward

Sustainable, community-serving solutions emerge when researchers and community partners work together to generate evidence to implement effective solutions.

The SII is the agent that connects you to a broad network to help build velocity for social good. 

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The Social Innovation Initiative is supported by the Government of Canada Incremental Project Grants. Learn how UCalgary uses the Incremental Project Grants.