Building a better Calgary through the power of research

Urban Alliance is a strategic partnership between The City of Calgary and University of Calgary to promote the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between The City and the university, for the benefit of all our communities. Urban Alliance energizes connections between the people who make up our organizations, and encourages us to work together to find ways to make life better for all Calgarians.

Urban Alliance provides a framework for leading researchers and City employees to work together to tackle challenges such as transportation, waste reduction, energy and environment, youth crime, homelessness, poverty reduction and creating inclusive communities.

Featured news

Rescue robots go where people can’t

During inevitable, though thankfully rare, large urban disasters, there are highly skilled teams of first responders at the ready. They may soon be joined by robots developed in a UCalgary lab ...

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O’Brien Institute researchers advance anti-racism work in cancer care and at City of Calgary

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Alberta’s largest research universities team up to track evidence of COVID-19 in wastewater of 3.2M people across Alberta

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City-building research positioned to catalyze the reimagining of downtown

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