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Research Agreements

Project Contract Agreement 

An Urban Alliance Project Contract Agreement is required when the City provides financial support for a collaborative research project. The Urban Alliance Master Terms and Conditions apply to this Agreement.  

Project Charter 

The first step in creating a Contract Agreement is for the University lead researcher to complete a Project Charter form, in consultation with the City partner(s) and any co-researchers. The Charter provides key details about the collaboration and ensures a clear understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of all the partners in the project. Please submit the signed form as directed. When you submit the Project Charter, University of Calgary Research Services will use it together with the Urban Alliance Project Agreement template to complete the Contract Agreement and will obtain institutional signatures.

Other Agreements

In some situations, the City may agree to provide data to support University research without entering into a deeper collaborative arrangement. In most cases the data can be made available through a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement, either directly or via the University of Calgary Library City data depository (SANDS).

Please contact us so we can help you find the best arrangement for your situation.


Download the Project Charter form

Urban Alliance Master Terms and Conditions

Urban Alliance Master Terms and Conditions Summary 

Urban Alliance Project Agreement template