Highly Qualified Personnel

Meet our team of multidisciplinary researchers at CERC


Sajjad Headshot

Sajjad Gholinezhad

Sajjad Gholinezhad is a PhD candidate of petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary. He received a BSc in petroleum engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2011 followed by an MSc in reservoir engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2013.  

His research focuses on the application of nanotechnology in CO2 sequestration and CO2-EOR 

Office Location: ES 901 



Samin headshot

Samin Habibi

Samin Habibi is a Chemical Engineering PhD candidate in the CERC project group. She received her BSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sistan & Baluchestan followed by an MSc in Chemical Engineering at University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

Her research focuses on magnetic janus nanoparticles.

Office Location: END 208


Zan headshot

Zan Chen

Zan Chen is a PhD candidate in the foam EOR project group. He received his BSc in China at Hunan Normal University followed by a MSc in Canada at the University of Calgary.

His research focuses on improving steam-assisted gravity drainage using conformance agents including oil-in-water emulsion and steam foam.

Office Location: ENG 312 


Faranak Headshot

Faranak Afsar

Faranak Afsar is a PhD candidate in the CERC project group. She received her BSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Shiraz followed by an MSc in Chemical Engineering at Ferdowsi University.  

Her research focuses on developing responsive gels for enhanced oil recovery applications. 

Office Location: EEEL 461 


Danial headshot

Danial Arab

Danial Arab is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. He received his BSc in Mining Engineering, mine extraction from Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch followed by an MSc in Petroleum engineering from University of Tehran.  

His research focuses on fluid flow in porous media and nanoparticle application to enhance oil recovery in unconventional reservoirs. 

Office Location: EEEL 400



Ilia headshot

Ilia Kuznetcov

Ilia Kuznetcov is a PhD candidate in the CERC project group. He received his BEng (Hons) in Moscow at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.  

His research focuses on electromagnetic measurements, imaging and heating of emulsions, nanosuspensions, oil sands, kerogen and other rock samples and materials. 

Office Location: EEEL 465



Rajas headshot

Rajas Shah

Rajas Shah is a PhD candidate in the polymer blends project group. He received his Int. M.Tech in Polymer Science and Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. 

His research focuses on morphological and rheological characterization of co-continuous polymer blends.

Office Location: EEEL 461



Amir headshot

Amir Varamesh

Amir Varamesh is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. He received his BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology and his MSc in Petroleum Reservoirs Engineering from the University of Tehran.

He is working on the synthesizing of plant-based nanomaterials and investigating their application in formulating foams and emulsions. 

Office Location: 1E-223A, 3535 Research Rd NW 



Ali headshot

Ali Kasraian

Ali Kasraian is a PhD candidate in the CERC project group. He received both his BSc and MSc in Petroleum Engineering at the Petroleum University of Technology (Ahwaz – Iran).  

His research focuses on the mechanisms of in situ emulsification and the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process, focusing on the pressure and fluid distributions in the porous media and their effect on the heat transfer mechanisms during SAGD.



Sahand Etemad

Sahand Etemad

Sahand joined the CERC team in 2017. He received his BSc in Petroleum Engineering in 2014 at Sharif University of Technology in Iran followed by an MSc in 2016 at UCalgary.  

His research focuses on the use of biodegradable nanoparticle-based foams for improving oil recovery in two aspects:

  1. Stabilizing the foam that delivers gas with greater sweep efficiency.  
  2. Generating oil in water (O/W) emulsions in situ, thereby improving mobility ratio.

Office Location: EEEL 461




Toranj Headshot

Toranj Telmadarreie

Toranj Telmadarreie is a MSc candidate in the emulsion treatment project. She received her BSc and MSc in chemical engineering at Sahand University of Technology. 

Her research focuses on the treatment of stable emulsions produced by the SAGD method, using green chemicals. In this research green materials and novel techniques will be used to solve the problem contributing to sustainability and reducing environmental impact of the treatment. 

Office Location: EEEL 461



Ellen headshot

Ellen Liu

Ellen Liu is a MSc candidate with CERC. She received her BSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta. 

Her research focuses on monitoring the transport of magnetic nanoparticles in porous media. The objective is to evaluate the application of magnetic nanoparticles as a subsurface imaging tool.

Office Location: ES 217 



Kimia Headshot

Kimia Mohitian

Kimia Mohitian is a MSc student in the CERC project group. She received her BSc in Petroleum Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.  

Her research focuses on the effect of different nanoparticles on slip length and friction reduction between rock and fluid. 

Office Location: EEEL 461


Stephen Headshot

Stephen Voegtlin

Stephen Voegtlin is a MSc candidate in the CERC group. He received his BSc in Geology with a concentration in nanoscience at the University of Calgary.  

His research focuses on the utilization of bionanohybrids in the oil and gas industry, specifically the effects of surface associated metallic nanoparticles on the metabolism of sulfate reducing bacteria and the development of an innovative method for the inhibition of sulfate reduction in oil pipelines. 

Office Location: EEEL 461 



Postdoctoral Scholars

Sepideh headshot

Sepideh Maaref

Sepideh Maaref is a postdoctoral associate in the CEFREF project group. She received her B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering at Shiraz University, followed by a M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering at University of Calgary. 

Her research focus on the application of nanofluids as tracers for hydraulic fracturing in tight reservoirs.

Office Location: ES 902F 


Maryam headshot

Maryam Aghajamali

Maryam Aghajamali is a postdoctoral associate in the CERC group. She received her PhD in Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology from the University of Alberta and MSc in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Tehran.

She has expertise in synthesis, surface functionalization, and characterization of polymers and nanoscale materials. Her current research focuses on nanoparticle-stabilized emulsions and polymer nanocomposite films for diverse applications.  



Maryam headshot

Maryam Taheri

Maryam Taheri is a an experimental physicist and materials scientist. She received her M.Sc. at the University of Isfahan, Iran, followed by her PhD in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science at Brock University.

Her research focuses on the design and fabrication of advanced nanostructures acting as tracers/contrast agents in the hydraulic fracturing technology.  

Office Location: Science B 429A