Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Newell County Facility

Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Newell County Facility

A unique Field Research Station for in-field testing to accelerate the development and deployment of technologies to measure, monitor, and verify secure underground storage of CO2.

About the Newell County Facility

Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Newell County Facility Field Research Station is a 200-hectare active, small-scale CO2 injection site that provides facilities and equipment to test and develop measurement and monitoring technologies to track CO2 stored underground, and to determine the detection threshold of CO2 at shallow to intermediate depths. Research at the station allows technology developers to advance the commercialization of carbon storage, will inform best practices in CCS monitoring technologies and will help industry better understand the movement of fluids underground.

The site is also home to a methane emissions detection centre with a dual frequency comb laser spectrometer, Picarro cavity ring-down spectrometer and optical gas imaging camera which provide continuous and intermittent detection and emissions quantification over a seven square kilometre area.

The research station represents a partnership between the CMC Research Institutes and the University of Calgary, with support from the federal government’s Western Economic Diversification, Schulmberger and Cenovus.

Injection wellhead at CaMI Field Research Station

CMC Research Institutes receives $2.7 million investment

CMC Research Institutes has received an investment of $2.7 million over three years through Western Economic Diversification Canada, which will support the company to develop a business model to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative carbon reducing technologies.

This investment will provide support to the Containment and Monitoring Institute - a partnership between the University of Calgary and CMC Research Institutes.