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Coming soon! Request resources and facility approvals from AHS directly within IRISS.

At this time, please continue to use the AHS Sharepoint Form

Coming Soon

Integrated AHS Application For IRISS Users

Set to launch in early 2023, the AHS Resource & Facilities Request SmartForm will be available through IRISS, replacing the current AHS Online Questionnaire Sharepoint form.

AHS and UCalgary have collaborated to simplify and streamline the approvals process for researchers requesting AHS resources.

We are currently piloting the new process with AHS and selected research teams.

The application is built on SmartForm logic and pulls information directly from your ethics application to guide study-specific questions.

The integrated AHS operational application will allow:

  • Visibility into the current state of your application
  • The ability to save, edit, and continue the application at any point
  • Automatic data sync with REB and AHS records so information is always current
  • Communication directly with the AHS team through IRISS
  • Automatic inclusion of project information and documentation directly in the request
  • The exchange relevant data between AHS and IRISS systems over the life of a project

The new AHS Resources & Facilities request form will become available to all IRISS users outside of the Edmonton Zone in 2023, and the current AHS Online Questionnaire Sharepoint form will be decommissioned. 

AHS button in IRISS

The AHS application menu will become available when the use of AHS services or facilities is indicated in a study's ethics application and submitted through IRISS.

How will I access the AHS request?

Automations and streamlined processes – all in one-place.

Initiate the Application

The AHS application process is triggered in IRISS when you indicate that you require access to AHS services or facilities in your ethics application. 

Edit, Save, and Continue

After completing the first section, the application is assigned an ID number and can then be saved, closed, and continued at a later date.

Submit the Application

Once complete, teams will receive email notification prompting to submit the application directly through IRISS using the submit to AHS button. Eligibility to submit is dependent on the type of study.


Track Your Submission

The review state of an application will always be current and visible in your AHS Resources workspace. All communication and notifications will appear in IRISS for reference and archiving.

When Can I Submit the Application?


You can submit your completed application based on the type of study. IRISS will automatically send a notification to the study team when it is time to submit.

Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials and Participating Sites: at the SAME TIME as the ethics application.

All Others: once the ethics application has been APPROVED.

Additional Resources

Pdf helper guide: download a step-by-step pdf guide.

Obtaining AHS Operational Approvals: visit the AHS website.

Updates: including opportunities for demos and training sessions, will be posted on this page. IRISS users will receive updates via email about this new process as well.


Becky Wong, Director, Health System Access, AHS

Stacey Beck, Senior Consultant, Office of the VP Research, UCalgary