Carolee Carson


Position: Risk Assessor/Veterinary Epidemiologist

Institution: Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance, Public Health Agency of Canada, Guelph, ON

Role with AMR - One Health Consortium: Collaborator


Dr. Carolee Carson received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and her PhD in veterinary epidemiology in 2010 from the University of Guelph. Her PhD dissertation was on beef cattle antimicrobial use and associations with antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli; using epidemiological and stochastic mathematical modelling. Carolee began work for the Government of Canada in 2001 and she works there to this day. Her primary work involves antimicrobial resistance risk assessment, antimicrobial use reporting, and linking science to policy for data arising from the Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance. Internationally, Carolee has participated on the Codex Intergovernmental Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance, the Transatlantic Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance, an observer for the European Medicine Agency’s European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption, and is a subject matter expert for the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Related to the surveillance activities, Carolee also works on several large technical research projects on various antimicrobial use or resistance topics.

Key Areas of Expertise: Antimicrobial resistance, surveillance, antimicrobial use, risk assessment