COVID-19: Policy implementation and communication lessons from acute and primary care

Presenter: Dr. Myles Leslie, PhD

Role with the Consortium: Principal Investigator 

A team led by Dr. Myles Leslie, PhD, will evaluate how COVID-19 preparedness and response policies are being transmitted to, and implemented in, hospitals and family doctors’ offices in Alberta.

Efficacy of single polyvalent bacteriophages in mixed avian pathogenic Escherichia coli strain cultures

Presenter: Mihret Girum, Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of

Location: Phage Canada Virtual Symposium

Role with the Consortium: Undergraduate Honours Thesis student with Dr. Dongyan Niu’s lab

Mihret Girum's research topic investigates the utility of phage with broad host range in biocontrol of multi-drug resistant E. coli causing avian colibacillosis. She was selected as an oral talk in the Phage Canada Virtual Symposium on July 10th 2020.

Mihret graduated with a Biological Science Honours degree from the University of Calgary in Spring 2020, and will be studying Optometry at UC Berkeley starting September 2020.