Rose Geransar



Institution: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary

Role with AMR - One Health Consortium: Project Manager, AMR – One Health Consortium


Dr. Rose Geransar is a health research, policy and management professional with 10+ years of diverse experience working across government and academic sectors to facilitate research and innovation in Alberta. With a PhD in health services research and specialization in bioethics, as well a background in biochemistry, Rose has an interdisciplinary background.  Following her PhD, Rose trained as a public servant, working in policy shops within three different Government of Alberta ministries. She facilitates a transdisciplinary collaborative approach within the AMR - One Health Consortium and in her relationships with stakeholders across different sectors. Among her key areas of interests are: facilitating health research and innovation within Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, and using a One Health lens to develop strong collaborations that lead to knowledge engagement (KE), and evidence-based deliverables that inform health policy and practice.

Courses: Policy, Management, Transdisciplinary Collaboration, Health Innovation