Project Snapshot

Surveillance Pillar

Development of a Single Human Antibiogram for Alberta  

Project Key Words: Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiogram, Human, Alberta

Principal Investigator: Tanis Dingle, PhD

Co-Investigator(s): Gregory J. Tyrrell, PhD

Project Theme: Innovation and Commercialization

The Aim

The overall antibiotic resistance rate of bacterial pathogens isolated from human specimens in Alberta is currently unknown. Antimicrobial susceptibility data is collected for individual hospitals and health regions; however, this data is not collated to provide an overall antibiotic resistance rate for any one organism. This project’s aim will be to provide this information for Alberta.

Why is This Important?

Understanding the antibiotic resistance rates of bacterial pathogens is critical information for clinicians treating patients. While antibiograms (i.e. antimicrobial susceptibility profiles for individual bacterial pathogens) exist in Alberta there is no one overarching antibiogram for the province as a whole. The work funded here will target the development of a provincial antibiogram in Alberta.


A province wide antibiogram for commonly encountered human bacterial pathogens will be generated.

The antibiogram created will be electronic and accessible to AMR scientists and health care professionals in Alberta to help direct areas of research focus.

Research Questions

  1. What are the provincial antibiotic resistance rates for the commonly encountered human bacterial pathogens?
  2. Are antibiotic resistance rates the same or similar across Alberta, or are there locations where these rates substantially differ? 
  3. If rates do differ, why?

Our Approach

There are two routes that will be explored:

  1. The first will be a collaboration with Alberta Health Services Tableau. Alberta Health Services hosts a number of Tableau dashboards which are created to automatically pull in data from across Alberta onto a single server. This data is automatically collated in either a tabular or  graphical output, and can be displayed publically.
  2. Should this prove to be unsuccessful, antibiogram data will be manually collated from the current antibiograms available from the clinical microbiology laboratories in Alberta that generate antimicrobial susceptibility data.

Leveraged Sources of Support

Antimicrobial susceptibility data is generated daily in all clinical microbiology laboratories in Alberta. This data is provided in-kind to this project. 

Knowledge & Technology: Exchange and Exploitation

  • The development of a province-wide antibiogram will generate antimicrobial susceptibility data readily accessible to both healthcare professionals and AMR scientists.
  • The identification of regional differences in antimicrobial susceptibiltiy rates in Alberta.

Highly Qualified Personnel

The funds will be used to fund a 0.5 FTE post-doctoral fellow. The other 0.5 PDF position will be shared with WP 3D. The PIs from both WP 3D and 3E are in the same laboratory (Provlab), allowing for this to occur.