Project Snapshot

Treatment Optimization Pillar

Canada’s Role in Supporting Antibiotic R&D

Project Key Words: Antibiotics, Research and Development, Canada

Principal Investigator: Aidan Hollis, PhD

Trainees: Babak Sahragardjooneghani, MA Student; Aashay Tripathi, PhD Student

Project Theme: Policy, Economics & Sustainability

The Aim

We aim to provide policy guidance for federal and provincial governments as to how Canada should support innovation in antibiotics.

Why is This Important?

Many high-income countries are making significant investments in alternative mechanisms to support antibiotic R&D such as market entry rewards, CARB-X, and GARDP. Canada has stayed on the fringes of this international effort.


Research papers leading to policy journals that help inform Canadian policy-makers.

Research Questions

  1. Among the international initiatives, which would be most effective for Canada to join?
  2. How should we weigh direct Canadian industrial spin-off benefits relative to progress in antibiotic research?
  3. Should Canada offer its own “made in Canada” solution?


Our Approach

  1. Literature review of international drug development mechanisms.
  2. Structured interviews of policy makers in Canada and antibiotic organization management.
  3. Extension of literature from other industrial R&D models.


Leveraged Sources of Support  

  • MIF Funds

Knowledge & Technology Exchange and Exploitation  

  • Informing policy
  • Partnership with the commercial sector

Highly Qualified Personnel  

  • 1 PhD Student
  • 2 Masters Students