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Our researchers are developing innovative technologies that will transform the future of energy. 

Bridging the gap between discovery and innovation.

More than 300 UCalgary scholars from a wide range of disciplines — engineering, biological sciences, chemistry, geoscience, geology, health sciences, public policy, social sciences — are conducting research to transform the energy landscape, for a cleaner, more efficient energy future.

Our scholars are balancing far-out and long-term research impacts with immediate and tangible deliverables, including solutions and technologies ready for field-scale applications. 

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Energy Research at UCalgary

UCalgary has taken a leadership role in developing the ground-breaking energy innovations the world so urgently needs. Our scholars bridge the gap between discovery and innovation through problem-driven research, technology transfer, and commercialization. They're focused on creating pathways to a low-carbon energy system, while harnessing unconventional resources and assessing the effects of energy-related processes. 

We partner with businesses, governments, and other universities around the world to test new ideas, apply new solutions, and develop applications at scales that will accelerate deployment and adoption by industries. 

Our energy research initiatives help pave the way for industry to expand and develop new business opportunities, transforming the energy landscape. 

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By supporting and enabling our Confederation of Scholars to combine research and training opportunities, we are building an international energy research hub delivering world class solutions.

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Marc Strous named Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Microbial ecologist in Faculty of Science joins elite class recognized for exceptional achievements

Chemistry prof honoured for years of research in electrochemical and solid state science

Venkataraman Thangadurai is sole Canadian inducted into 2020 Class of Fellows by The Electrochemical Society

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Dr. Don Lawton, Carbon Management Canada and the University of Calgary

Watch: On the Path to a Net-zero Carbon Economy

Dr. Don Lawton, Director of the Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI) discusses the path to a net-zero carbon economy: carbon capture, utilization and storage. Watch webinar.

Energy Social Innovation

Watch: Socially Desirable Technology for Energy Transitions

This conversation joins Dr. Joule Bergerson, Dr. Steven Bryant, Dr. Sabrina Peric and Dr. Kristen van de Biezenbos as they discuss how social innovation will influence technology development for the energy transition. Watch webinar

Dr. Paula Berton

Watch: Fast Consolidation of Mature Fine Tailings

Dr. Paula Berton and Dr. Steven Bryant from the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Materials Engineering for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs team discussed CalAgua's solution to treat mature fine tailings - a solution developed through CERC's Discovery-to-Impact Pipeline. Watch webinar.