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UCalgary is — like our city — a destination for people from around the world with ambitious dreams and the grit to fulfil them. We are trailblazers and innovators and community-builders at heart. It’s in our DNA.

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UCalgary is focused on enabling the innovation cycle from discovery to deployed solutions, by growing our innovation ecosystem and promoting a culture of innovation within our community.

Innovation is part of the broad spectrum of research and application activity at UCalgary, and our ecosystem is one differentiator that will help us take our place amongst the world’s leading research universities. 

Innovation can happen at any scale, from individual research groups, to major institutes, to faculty, student and staff initiatives. Innovation occurs at the intersection of broad domains of activity, and is inherently interdisciplinary. 

We are resourcing, catalyzing and supporting our ongoing transformation to a 21st Century innovation university. 

Our goal is to continue to grow innovation levels, engaging faculty and staff and enabling innovation experiences for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Innovation@UCalgary is the ecosystem that supports innovation activities at UCalgary, bridging the transition from discovery through to delivering solutions for society. We work with our on-campus community, the Calgary community, government, industry and other institutions to accelerate this process for the benefit of humankind. Solutions can take many forms, including via businesses, knowledge engagement networks, non-profit models, among others. 

Innovation@UCalgary Ecosystem

Innovators can enter or exit the Innovation@UCalgary ecosystem at any point, or even manage the process solo by leveraging the university’s flexible intellectual property (IP) policy.