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Igniting the spark within researchers to share their discoveries and connect with experts who can help them innovate, implement, and have an impact. 

[now innovating] a research-to-impact podcast

This exciting new series aims to inspire researchers and community partners to take new steps toward transforming discoveries into solutions, products, and services. Co-hosts Dr. Pritma Chattha and Jordan Witzel provide insight into the experiences of changemakers within the innovation ecosystem, offering proof that pursuing new ventures and non-traditional pathways to impact is essential to solving contemporary issues. 

The podcast is reflective of the cultural shift toward innovation and entrepreneurial thinking at the University of Calgary. Hear directly from researchers as they share their failures and successes in the journey from research to implementation and public impact, demonstrating that innovation and entrepreneurship are not limited to STEM disciplines 

Learn ways to share discoveries and connect with experts who can help partners innovate, implement and have impact. 

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[now innovating] a research-to-impact podcast

Jordan Witzel

Jordan Witzel

Jordan Witzel, Host

Jordan Witzel is a communication specialist in the Office of the Vice-President (Research) at the University of Calgary. He holds a masters in Applied Meteorology.


Pritma Chatta

Dr. Pritma Chattha, Host

Pritma Chattha is a Yale-educated nurse executive and serial entrepreneur. As Adjunct faculty at the University of Calgary, she enjoys mentoring students and contributing to healthcare innovations.


We welcome Dr. Lawrence Korngut in episode 4. He is the Director of Innovation and Commercialization at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and Associate Professor of Neurology at the Cumming School of Medicine. Dr. Korngut is honest in admitting he spends a lot of time in the burnout zone, but stresses the importance of taking a step back often to see the bigger picture in your work. Dr. Korngut shares his approach of serendipity surface area, whereby helping others comes back to you exponentially.

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In this episode, we talk to Dr. Kristina Rinker, a professor in both the Shulich School of Engineering and the Cumming School of Medicine. Dr. Rinker is also the lead on the Early Cancer Detection Initiative at the University of Calgary. Dr. Rinker explains how collaborative research led to a breakthrough method of detecting breast cancer. She describes how prioritizing the next critical step in any path toward innovation can help keep momentum within a research team.

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In this episode, we speak with Dr. Joel Reardon, a 2019 Peak Scholar, from the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary. Dr. Reardon explains how companies like Google have made changes to their data collection policies in part because of his research efforts. Reardon acknowledges his success in impacting policy change but says he doesn't know where to go next. Joel's team wants to connect directly with private companies who could benefit from developing acceptable privacy policies for the data they collect.

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In this first episode, host Jordan Witzel introduces us to co-host Dr. Pritma Chattha who stresses the importance of nurturing collaborations in order to cultivate new beginnings in innovation. The wrong network can become a barrier. Impact can be inspired in a field where a researcher least expects their work to lead. Pritma says the best approach is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable while admitting to the things you don't know.

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