The Postdoctoral Office provides resources and administrative support to both postdoctoral scholars and their supervisors for the duration of their appointment.

The Postdoctoral Office provides support in the following areas:

  • Management of postdoctoral appointments
  • Postdoctoral fellowship competitions
  • Professional development resources
  • Communications to the postdocs at the University of Calgary

If your question is not answered below, please contact us at postdoc@ucalgary.ca.

Bill 7

In May 2017 the Alberta Government passed Bill 7: An Act to Enhance Post-Secondary Academic Bargaining. Bill 7 had an impact on how our university governs its labour relationship with postdoctoral scholars. The PDAC Collective Agreement now covers Postdoctoral Associates.

Visit the PDAC page for more information.

Becoming a postdoc

First, you must determine if you are eligible to apply.

Second, you must find a faculty member to be your supervisor, either by applying for an open position or by approaching a faculty member directly.

Visit the Applying and recruiting page for more information.

To be eligible as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Calgary, the candidate must have been awarded a PhD or equivalent within the five years immediately preceding the appointment or ten years from the completion of an MD, DDS, DVM or equivalent.

For Postdoctoral Associates, visit the Collective Agreement - Article 5. For Fellows and Guests, please visit the Postdoc Guidelines to read more about eligibility.

Visit the Careers page for current job postings.  

Hiring a postdoc

Recruiting a postdoctoral scholar is the responsibility of the individual faculty member or research group. Before recruiting a postdoctoral fellow, the faculty member who will be providing the training needs to ensure that certain financial, resource, and eligibility requirements can be met. Visit the Applying and recruiting page for more information. 

  • There is sufficient financial support available to fund the postdoctoral appointment. Financial support may include funding from the supervisor’s grant or research funds and/or from an external fellowship awarded to the postdoc.
  • Postdoctoral scholars at the University of Calgary must receive a minimum stipend of $45,000/year plus Plan C health benefits (visit Benefits for information and costs) 
  • There is appropriate research/office space and resources available for the postdoc to complete the required research and training.
  • The prospective candidate is eligible to be a postdoctoral scholar, as outlined for Postdoctoral Associates, in the Collective Agreement - Article 5.
  • For Fellows and Guests, please visit the Postdoc Guidelines to read more about eligibility.

During your appointment

Postdocs can teach one half course per term. The maximum load of teaching duties for postdocs is one half-course per term and arrangements must adhere to any granting agency restrictions on the amount of teaching permitted. The granting of teaching assignments is subject to Human Resources and Faculty Association of the University of Calgary (TUCFA) regulations. Any teaching assignment must be made as a separate appointment from the postdoctoral appointment.

Postdoctoral Associates can find more information in Collective Agreement - Article 5.10.  Fellowship Holders and Guests can find more information in Postdoc Guidelines.

If you don't have research allowance funded through an external fellowship, please discuss with your supervisor.

Postdocs are eligible to audit without payment of fees, but must obtain a written permission from the instructor of the course on a "Registration Exception" form, which you can get from Enrolment Services

Postdoc Associates who have completed more then six months of continuous service after January 1, 2021 are entitled to a tuition support. For additional information please refer to the Collective Agreement Articles 8.7-8.9.

For all questions related to payroll and taxes please contact UService.

Postdoctoral scholars must pay for access to the campus gym and recreation facilities. For more information on membership, visit the Active Living website. 

Postdocs have access to the campus Staff Wellness Centre, all campus libraries, and the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Yes, if the funding agency requires that project is held in the grantee’s name only (not supervisor’s). Research services/Research accounting will coordinate with the Department/Faculty steps to grant a postdoc an adjunct appt. The period covered by the grant must be aligned with the postdoc appointment. Please contact the Postdoc Office at postdoc@ucalgary.ca.

End of my appointment

A postdoctoral appointment will automatically terminate on the end date in the offer letter. It is the responsibility of the postdoctoral scholar and supervisor to negotiate an extension. Visit the Applying and recruiting page for details. 

A letter of resignation is required by both your supervisor and the Postdoc Office. Please confirm the receipt of your resignation letter by both your supervisor and Postdoc Office if not delivering in person. 

If an extension is not requested or approved, the appointment will automatically terminate on the end date. No online termination form is required, but an online termination checklist should be completed by the supervisor. Individual departments will have their own processes for ending appointments (eg. returning keys).