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Transforming our future through quantum science and technology

Quantum research at UCalgary is revolutionizing our understanding of nature's basic elements, enriching our knowledge of the universe and driving technology innovation. 

Quantum discoveries are a powerful engine of innovation, spurring the development of devices such as lasers and advanced information technologies that have transformed the way we live. This timeline is long – Quantum technology being developed now grew out of quantum foundational studies 25 or more years ago, and the foundational studies of today could lead to ground-breaking technologies in the 2050’s.

Quantum research at UCalgary includes all phases of the quantum research pipeline, from foundational science to technology creation. 

About UCalgary

Welcome to UCalgary, where ideas become innovations, and aspirations turn into accomplishments. We've been ranked amongst the world's top universities and we've done it by pushing our limits, challenging ourselves to do better, and seeking knowledge – wherever that journey takes us.

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Quantum City

The Quantum City initiative, a partnership with tech firm Mphasis, will create jobs, expand our local Q-tech sector and offer training opportunities.

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Quantum Horizons Alberta

A new partnership that brings together UCalgary, UAlberta and ULethbridge to expand our foundational knowledge of quantum science.

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Quantum Alberta

A network of academic and industry experts working together to elevate quantum science, research, development, and commercialization.

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Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

A multidisciplinary group of quantum researchers from computer science, mathematics, chemistry and physics. 

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Urbasi Sinha

Meet Dr. Urbasi Sinha, PhD

As the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Photonic Quantum Science and Technologies, Sinha will create test beds for quantum computing and communication that use qudit systems.


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Latest quantum news

QAI Ventures launches global quantum technology accelerator and Canadian office in Calgary

QAI Ventures Accelerator powered by Quantum City will be a milestone in advancing quantum technology startups on a global scale

New Faculty of Science scholarship to accelerate careers, opportunities in digital technology grad programs

Be the First scholarship offers up to $12,000 toward tuition for Canadian students pursuing professional graduate programs through the faculty

UCalgary receives commitment toward new science hub

Alberta budget announcement to help create 2,000 spaces and meet demand for skilled labour in the province


Quantum science: The mysteries, magic, and possibilities

Dr. Urbasi Sinha, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Photonic Quantum Science and Technologies, delivered the keynote at the Creating Tomorrow event on Feb. 21, 2024. Her talk explored quantum science and technology and provides examples of how it can be applied to our daily lives.

In the News Calgary Economic Development

Megan Lee champions new quantum economy in Calgary

Antimatter 101

Learn more about antimatter - what it is, why it matters, and how UCalgary researchers have played a role in exciting discoveries about its properties. 

Man assembling two piece of wire at a lab bench, surrounded by computer parts.

Quantum computing graduate programs

Learn about the graduate programs for aspiring quantum computing professionals offered by the Faculty of Science

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