Quantum research at UCalgary

Quantum Research at UCalgary

The entrepreneurial university approach to quantum

Canada is in a world-leading position in quantum technologies, with a significant share of the fundamental intellectual property upon which the quantum revolution will be built – covering the full stack from materials to hardware to software.

The University of Calgary is home to the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, which marshals deep bench strength in quantum communications, sensing, and computing. Institute members partner with peer institutions and industrial stakeholders to advance quantum technologies.

Calgary benefits from a vibrant innovation ecosystem, with growing investment in digital transformation. UCalgary is a partner in Quantum Alberta, a network of academic and industry members that enables pan-provincial collaboration, research and commercialization.

UCalgary has also partnered on the Quantum City initiative with Mphasis, a global tech firm who are bringing their North American headquarters to Calgary. 

Canada has the largest investments in quantum companies in the world, and Canadian firms and institutions hold the second highest number of patents in the world, after the USA. Technologies are increasingly moving from university labs to start-ups and commercialization opportunities, as quantum-based companies are established and expand across Canada.

A community of pioneers and discoverers.

UCalgary is ranked amongst the world's top universities and we've done it by pushing our limits, challenging ourselves to do better, and seeking knowledge – wherever that journey takes us. We're never afraid to question conventional wisdom, and we share what we find openly and eagerly.

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Developing key components and commercializing the most mature technologies to advance the quantum internet


Harnessing the power of quantum computing for new ways to solve problems; adapting algorithms developed by quantum computers and applying them across a broad spectrum of applications


Surpassing the standard quantum limit of devices to achieve ultrasensitive sensors and demonstrate applications to quantum networks and quantum computing

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qConnect 2023

Nov. 16-17, 2023
Telus Convention Centre | Calgary, AB

qConnect 2023 will bring together quantum creators and users in the only summit focused directly on connecting quantum technology entrepreneurs with the industries they aim to serve and transform.

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Quantum Research 101

Matter makes up the world around us — but what about antimatter? Dr. Robert I. Thompson, PhD, professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary, explains what antimatter is, what it means, and how it fits into the world of quantum science. 

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UCalgary and Quantum City

The Quantum City initiative, a partnership with tech firm Mphasis, will  create jobs, expand our local Q-tech sector and offer training opportunities

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Shabir Barzanjeh

Researcher to investigate components of quantum computing

Canada Foundation for Innovation funding supports Shabir Barzanjeh’s lab to look into quantum bits and their use in quantum computer processors

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Pierre Kennepohl

Researcher goes small to make big discoveries in computing

Pierre Kennepohl has received Canada Foundation for Innovation funding to examine the base molecules in molecular computing

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Paul Barclay

Nano-fabrication 'foundry' for quantum network devices

Canada Foundation for Innovation funding will be used in a project worth more than $13 million to establish a first of its kind in Canada 'foundry' for producing “diamond optomechanical” devices

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Christoph Simon

State of consciousness may involve quantum effects

Faculty of Science research team develops quantum model to explain how an anaesthetic affects consciousness

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PhD grad Matthew Mitchell researched novel nanotechnology techniques for telecommunications

Innovation and community define student experience for Governor General’s Gold Medal winner

PhD grad researched novel nanotechnology techniques for telecommunications


International team proves 'imaginary' numbers have real function in quantum world

Faculty of Science mathematician on team that showed complex numbers are necessary for distinguishing quantum states

2020 Killam Postdoctoral Fellow Abhijeet Alase

Formidable expertise in quantum computing earns postdoc award

2020 Killam Postdoctoral Fellow Abhijeet Alase aims to advance the ways we process information

Can we be public and private at the same time?

Can we be public and private at the same time? The coded thrill of cyberconnectivity

Everything we do online is observed and recorded by people we can't see and mostly don't even know about. UCalgary researchers look at how to increase security and maintain privacy in a world where they're constantly under attack.

Beyond the final frontier: Exploring the mysterious quantum world

Beyond the final frontier: Exploring the mysterious quantum world

UCalgary scholars study the universe at its most fundamental level, including how to find and measure antimatter, how to build quantum computers, how to make teleportation possible, and even how our brains communicate.


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