Strategic Initiatives and Research Intelligence

Strategic Initiatives and Research Intelligence

Identifying and supporting non-traditional funding opportunities through expert project management and cutting-edge research analytics.

What We Do

Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives team identifies high-impact, non-traditional funding opportunities to bolster research at UCalgary. We match researchers with these opportunities and provide support during the application process.

Research Intelligence 

We identify and build key performance indicators, clean and harmonize data, construct dashboards for data visualization, and develop analytical models to support funding applications and facilitate data-driven strategic decision-making at UCalgary.

Examples Of Past Opportunities Supported By Our Unit

Challenge Programs

Challenge Programs

National Research Council of Canada

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Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Robotics

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security Robotics

Department of National Defence

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Carbon Capture

Energy Innovation Program

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage RD&D

Natural Resources Canada

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Accelerating Hyrdrogen

Accelerating Hydrogen Challenge

Emissions Reduction Alberta

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Data visualizations

Research Intelligence Dashboards

Click the links below to see screenshots of dashboards we have created for past projects.

SIRI - Michael Blough

Michael Blough, PhD

Michael has over 15 years of research experience at UCalgary. He has been involved in all aspects of research including authoring papers, writing grants, budget development and implementation, and stakeholder engagement.

SIRI - Christepher Claxton

Christepher Claxton, MA
Research Analyst

Chris enjoys exploring new metrics that guide the University’s strategic initiatives. His goal is to develop new tools and insights that can be used to advance UCalgary’s research portfolio.

SIRI - Marcelo Suarez

Marcelo Suarez, MSc
Research Analyst

Marcelo is passionate about transforming data into information and information into knowledge. The insights derived from this knowledge-creation process contribute to the strategic analysis of UCalgary’s research activities.

SIRI - Alexandra Wall

Alexandra Wall, MSc
Project Manager

Alexandra has 8 years of research experience with specific expertise in developing grant applications. She helps UCalgary faculty members pursue high-impact research funding opportunities.

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