Transformative research is a team effort

Our community, industry, and government partners provide valuable insight into areas of societal need, and help create pathways for us to translate discoveries into real-world impact.

Community, industry and government engagement

Engaging with UCalgary is all about impact. Together, we can design an engagement strategy tailored for you, based on the change your organization wants to make in the world.


We work with our partners to identify shared ambitions, determine how we can effectively leverage our individual strengths while teaming up to work towards our goals, and bridge the gap between discovery and innovation.


To accomplish our shared goals, we capitalize on our research capacity, subject matter expertise, and deep understanding of the funding landscape, in a way that compliments the strengths our partners bring to the project.

Mutually beneficial

Valuable outcomes of research partnerships can include development of products or processes, training high qualified personnel, creation of new knowledge, data sharing, knowledge translation, and tech transfer.


​​​​​​​We prioritize creative solutions that reach across disciplinary boundaries. Strong partnerships include multiple perspectives that ensure research is well-rounded and reflects our dynamic and complex world.

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