How To Apply

Information for Postdocs

1. Find Prospective Supervisor

Explore the UCalgary Careers page, or reach out to supervisors in specific departments. Once you have an arrangement with a supervisor at UCalgary, you can begin the hiring process. 

2. Submit Hiring Documents

International postdocs should check Work Permit Processing Times (select: Temporary Residence > Work Permit From Outside Canada > Country of Residence) before determining a start date. 

Then, submit the following documents to the Postdoctoral Office (

  • Personal Information Form
  • Verification of PhD (or equivalent) – e.g. parchment, letter from Grad Studies with completion date
  • Copy of most recent CV  
  • International Postdocs must submit a copy of their Passport biographical page, and if applicable, their current study or work permit
  • Permanent Residents of Canada must submit a copy (front and back) of their Permanent Resident Card

The Postdoctoral Office will verify your eligibility and initiate the hiring process. Please visit the Documents and Forms page for all hiring forms.

3. Receive Offer Letter

The Postdoc Contracts Team will forward the Offer Letter to you. Review the Offer and ensure all details discussed with your supervisor are correct. Return a signed copy of the Offer to them.

4. Receive Immigration Instructions

If you are international and require a Canadian Work Permit, the HR Immigration Team will contact you with detailed instructions on how to apply for the work permit.

5. Complete Onboarding

Once your hire is finalized, you will receive an email from The Postdoc Contracts Team with your UCID number and onboarding instructions. Complete all onboarding activities to finalize your recruitment.

How To Recruit

Information for Supervisors

1. (Optional) Post on Careers Page

With the launch of the new Job Opening Request (JOR) form as of June 1, 2023, you are able to submit the request directly in PeopleSoft for review and approval. Log into myUCalgary > My Work > People Management > Job Opening Request and click Create Job Opening Request button. Once the request is approved, the initiators/contacts identified will receive a notification when the posting is created.

  • Click here for a link to the job aid on completing a Job Opening Request.
  • Click here for a Job Posting Template.


  • All appointments must be Full-Time 40 hours per week (1.00 FTE), any exceptions must receive VPR Approval.
  • Salary must be at least $40,000 CAD per year

For Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Open Work Permit holders:

  • Appointment Term: minimum of 3 months, but only eligible for benefits if term is at least 6 months plus one day
  • Postdoc must be eligible for provincial health care coverage (e.g. Alberta Health Care or other Canadian health Insurance while residing in Alberta)

For International Postdocs:

  • Appointment Term: minimum of 1 year, to be eligible for provincial health care coverage
  • Start date is subject to Work Permit Processing Times
  • Mandatory $230 CAD Employer Compliance Fee must be paid by the PI towards the work permit application

2. Submit Hiring Documents

Submit the following forms to the Postdoctoral Office (

Then, remind the prospective postdoc to submit the required forms and documents (as indicated above). The Postdoctoral Office will verify eligibility and initiate the hiring process. Please visit the Documents and Forms page to locate all forms.

3. Review Offer Letter

The Postdoc Contracts Team will forward the Offer Letter to you. Review the Offer and ensure that all details are correct. Return a signed copy of the Offer to them. 

How To Extend

Postdoctoral scholar appointments are limited-term appointments involving substantial research activity. Postdoctoral appointments may be renewed, provided the postdoctoral scholar is eligible for the duration of the extended appointment. Further extensions beyond five years post-PhD completion may require written justification. In these cases, the supervisor is advised to contact the Postdoctoral Office for additional information.

Requests for an extension should be initiated at least two months prior to the postdoctoral scholar’s end date. This is to ensure time for verification of eligibility and continuation of salary and benefits. International postdocs with expiring work permits will be required to provide an Extension Letter of Offer when renewing their work permit.

1. Submit the Request for Extension Letter Form (located on the Documents and Forms page) and relevant supporting documentation to the Postdoctoral Office. A Letter of Extension Letter will then be sent to the supervisor and postdoc for approval and signatures.

2. For international postdocs, visit Information for International Postdocs for information on renewing work permits, visas, and any other necessary documentation.

3. The department administrator is responsible for submitting a Job Change Request through HR PeopleSoft to initiate approvals. Additional HR information, including job aids for submitting Job Change Requests, is available on the HR website.