How to apply

Information for postdocs

1. Submit Hiring Documents

Prospective postdocs should submit the following documents to the Postdoctoral Office at

  • Personal Information Form
  • Verification of PhD (or equivalent) – e.g. parchment, letter from Grad Studies with completion date
  • Copy of most recent CV  
  • International Postdocs must submit a copy of their Passport biographical page, and if applicable, their current study or work permit
  • Permanent Residents of Canada must submit a copy (front and back) of their Permanent Resident Card

Your prospective supervisor will be responsible for submitting:

The Postdoctoral Office will verify your eligibility and initiate the hiring process. Please visit the Resources page for all hiring forms.



2. Receive Letter of Offer

Human Resources will forward the Letter of Offer to you. Review the Letter of Offer and ensure all details discussed with your supervisor regarding your appointment are correct.

Notify HR and your supervisor if any corrections are required.

Return a signed copy of the offer letter to HR Postdoc at

3. Review international postdoc information

If you are not a Canadian citizen or do not hold Permanent Residency status in Canada, please visit Information for International Postdoctoral Scholars for additional requirements. Check Canada's Work Permit Processing Times for your country of residence, to determine how long it will take for you to obtain a work permit. 

4. Complete onboarding requirements

Prior to your start date, you will receive an email from HR with onboarding instructions.

Complete all onboarding activities to finalize your recruitment.

How to recruit

Information for supervisors

1. Submit request for offer

Submit the Request for Offer Letter form to the Postdoctoral Office.

If you are recruiting an international postdoc, you must also submit the Employer Compliance Fee Payment Form.

Please visit the Resources page to locate these forms:


Reach the Postdoctoral Office at

2. Advise prospective postdoc to submit information

Advise your prospective postdoctoral scholar to submit the Personal Information Form and all relevant documents to the Postdoctoral Office at

Once all forms and documents have been received, the Postdoctoral Office will confirm eligibility and initiate the hire. HR Postdoc will issue the Letter of Offer.

3. Review Letter of Offer

Review the Letter of Offer. Notify HR Postdoc if any revisions are needed. Return the signed Letter of Offer to HR Postdoc at

HR Postdoc will forward the final Letter of Offer to the prospective postdoctoral scholar for signature. When the postdoctoral scholar has accepted the offer and returned the signed letter, HR Postdoc will begin the onboarding process.

The faculty supervisor will be included on all onboarding correspondence.

How to extend a postdoctoral appointment

Postdoctoral scholar appointments are limited-term appointments involving substantial research activity. Postdoctoral appointments may be renewed annually for up to three years, with the possibility of a further two years for a maximum appointment of five years, provided the postdoctoral scholar is eligible for the duration of the extended appointment. Further extensions beyond five years may require written justification and the supervisor is advised to contact the Postdoctoral Office at for additional information.

Requests for an extension should be initiated at least two months prior to the postdoctoral scholar’s end date. This is to ensure time for verification of eligibility and continuation of salary and benefits. International postdocs with expiring work permits will be required to provide an Extension Letter of Offer when renewing their work permit. For all information on extensions for international postdocs, visit Information of International Postdocs.

1. Submit the Request for Postdoctoral Appointment Extension Letter of Offer Form (located on the Resources page) and relevant supporting documentation to the Postdoc Office at The Postdoc Office will draft the Extension Letter of Offer and contact the supervisor and postdoc for approval and signatures.

2. For international postdocs, visit Information for International Postdocs for information on renewing work permits, visas, and any other necessary documentation.

3. The department administrator is responsible for submitting a Job Change Request through HR PeopleSoft to initiate approvals. Additional HR information, including job aids for submitting Job Change Requests, is available on the HR website.