Research Management System (RMS)

RMS (Research Management System) manages the pre-award (LOI and Application) and post-award stages for research grants. Throughout the grants life-cycle, RMS interfaces with other UCalgary systems, such as IRISS and PeopleSoft, to provide a seamless process for grants and awards management, eliminate re-keying of data and heightened transparency into the status of applications at any time.


  • RMS Project Revitalization: 2021-2022. As part of our commitment to creating a functional, user-friendly and cost-effective system, the RMS has begun a project revitalization process. This entails evaluating priorities and realigning our work to ensure we’re spending our time on the right things. 
  • Release 3: June 2020
  • Release 2: December 2019
  • Release 1: June 2019
  • See list below and visit the Research Opportunities Database for competitions that will be managed with RMS

Note this website will be updated frequently with new information.


Research Management System

Log in to RMS

CAS credentials and Multi-Factor Authentication required to access RMS. 

New to RMS?

Please view these videos if you haven't attended a training session.

How to create a Pre-Award/Application

Watch Video

How to create a Pre-Award/Letter of Intent

Watch Video

How to approve a record (or not approve/return record to PI)

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Training is available on a first-come first-served basis, and prioritized for those who are planning to apply for competitions included in the first releases. Contact the project team at to arrange training.

Find training session dates, how-tos and quick reference guides for many common tasks in RMS: 

Get started with RMS

Enable MFA

Logging into RMS, like many systems on campus, now requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):  

Set up MFA

Learn RMS

Learn how to use RMS before submitting an application:

Training dates and self-guided learning

Delegate signing authority

Learn how to delegate signing authority in RMS during absences. 

  • Approvers can initiate this process through PSAR (PeopleSoft Access Request), or
  • You can submit the request through IT

Learn how to delegate authority

Access to RMS

RMS access is governed by roles defined in PeopleSoft. Note that:

  • When a person changes roles within the university, they will lose existing permissions in PeopleSoft.
  • If you must delegate signing authority to someone who does not yet have appropriate access in RMS, you must first ensure that they have the correct role in PeopleSoft.

In either case, a request must be submitted through PSAR (PeopleSoft Access Request).

This process may take 72 hours or more so it should not be relied upon for last-minute submissions.

Note that as of October 4, 2019, FortiClient VPN is no longer required to log into RMS from non-UCalgary networks. Read more about logging into RMS.

RMS support is available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

  1. UService

    For general help using RMS, including with tasks such as:

    • Navigation
    • Filtering
    • Finding and connecting relevant resources
    • Role access issues or PeopleSoft Access Request (PSAR)

    Contact UService via email, phone, or in person:


    MAIN CAMPUS (Math Sciences 773) 

    FOOTHILLS CAMPUS (Health Science Centre G204)


  2. RMS Project Team

    As RMS is going through the Revitalization phase, we are busy analyzing the current state and functionality of the RMS project. Even though we are happy to help support you on your requests, currently, the project team has limited resources to answer all of them. If you need support and it impacts your ability to do your work, please email the team at, not individual team members. Our commitment is to respond to your email within one working day.

    The RMS Project Team can assist with tasks such as:

    • Technical inquiries
    • Workflow
    • Enhancements
    • Bug reporting

    Contact the RMS Project Team:

Competitions available for pre-award in RMS:

  • Competitions are regularly added to RMS; they will be indicated in the Funding Deadline Calendar with the RMS tag.
  • Note that some competitions have earlier Registration or LOI phases not yet running through RMS, so please check the Funding Deadline Calendar for full submission details. 
  • Competitions are continually added to the Funding Deadline Calendar. 


If you plan to submit to one of the competitions through RMS, please ensure that you and your team members complete the appropriate steps: 

1. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication, if you have not done so already (required to access RMS)

2. Arrange RMS Training

RMS Updates


RMS will be used by a wide variety of faculty, staff, and students across all UCalgary campuses. General project updates are sent to the Academic Staff list; detailed updates are sent more frequently to people who are actively engaged with RMS. 

If you are not an academic staff member, or if you wish to receive all RMS project updates (including functionality changes, new training materials, etc), please opt-in below. 

Thank you for your submission.


  • The Research Management System (RMS) is a new platform that manages the pre-award, post-award, and publication phases of a research grant or contract. Throughout the Grants and Contracts life-cycle, RMS interfaces with other UCalgary systems, such as IRISS and PeopleSoft, to provide a seamless process for grants and awards management, eliminate re-keying of data and heightened transparency into the status of applications at any time.
  • The implementation of RMS is a multi-year project, co-sponsored by the Vice-President (Research) and the Vice-President (Finance & Services). 
  • The Research Management System (RMS) is considered a research enabler directly aligned to help meet the goals of our Eyes High vision and Research Plan

RMS will help to reduce administrative burdens, leaving researchers to focus more time on research than management. 

The first limited release is intended to support a variety of smaller single sponsor Competitions. There are numerous advantages to this including user and faculty experience with the application, completion of training for many super users and  positive benefits of early adoption. 

Notable changes:

  • Replacement of current paper-based submission process for Grants and Contracts
  • Academic approval will be captured and routed electronically
  • Project set-up in PeopleSoft will be automated
  • Validation and curation of publications will be automated

Click here to view a comparison chart of how the process of management will change from the current process to a new, more efficient one. 

RMS will increase operational efficiencies for the research community. RMS will provide users with: 

  • Increased workflow visibility
  • Time savings through improved process efficiency
  • Optimized automated interfaces that consolidates key information together in one system
  • Accessible and appropriate support services to resolve issues in a timely manner

Release 1, focused on a subset of external grants (pre-award only), went live in June 2019. 

Functionality and expanded grant & award coverage is planned to be added every few months thereafter.