UCalgary Research Security Division

Safeguarding your research

If you are considering forming an international or domestic research partnership, please contact the Research Security Division so that we can help you protect yourself and your work.

What is Research Security?

Research Security refers to the ability to identify possible risks to a researcher’s work through unwanted access, interference or theft and measures that minimize these risks and protect the inputs, processes and products that are part of scientific research and discovery. 

Definition source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), Government of Canada

International partnerships are an integral part of research innovation.

UCalgary produces world-leading research that is recognized globally. In today’s geopolitical landscape, it is more important than ever to safeguard research and intellectual property. UCalgary is committed to enabling continued collaboration and partnerships with appropriate mitigations in place.

Why safeguard our research?

Canadian-led research can be an attractive target for those seeking to steal, use, and adapt this research for their own priorities and gains.

In some scenarios, research could lead to advancements in the strategic, military, or intelligence capabilities of other countries or be used to purposefully cause harm.

It is important to recognize the biggest vulnerabilities to your research:

  • Cyber Security 
  • Partnerships
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Physical Space 
  • People

New for 2023: The Office of the Vice-President (Research) has established a new Research Security Division within the Research Services Office (RSO). This site will be expanded over the coming months with resources and information for UCalgary's research community. 

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To access additional resources and documents, members of the UCalgary community can log in to the Research Security Sharepoint site. 

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UCalgary Research Security Division

The Research Security Division is here to support you and ensure that you can continue to do leading edge research.

We will uphold the principles of research security:

  • Country agnostic
  • Maintain academic freedom
  • Maintain access to global talent
  • Ensure the reputation of the university is upheld 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are guiding principles of research security.

UCalgary will continue to safeguard research while upholding our commitments to academic freedom, to international collaboration, and to equity, diversity, and inclusion.





RSD is developing three teams to help support you:

  • Outreach & Education
    • Workshops & information sessions
    • Security training & resources
    • Awareness campaigns
  • Due Diligence
    • Assisting with risk assessment forms
    • Partner vetting
    • Open-source intelligence gathering
  • Compliance & Special Investigations
    • Risk mitigation strategy implementation
    • Post award compliance & reporting requirements
    • Travel security briefings

Contact our team directly for more information

Resources to get started

The Research Security Division is here to offer guidance and support on safeguarding your research. This support will include: 

  • The use of OSINT tools to identify risks 
  • Training on best practices
  • Assistance with funding applications
  • Information on export control requirements
  • Personalized travel and conference briefings
  • How to best safeguard your research in a shifting geo-political environment

Contact us at researchsecurity@ucalgary.ca for support.

  1. Risk Assessment Forms

    A Risk Assessment Form is required for NSERC Alliance grants, and the form is currently recommended for all other Tri-Council grants. The Research Security Division can support you to complete this document. 

  2. Request a specialized briefing

    For researchers looking for specialized guidance on a particular topic, the Research Security Division offers specialized briefings on international travel, partner vetting, IP protection, and general assistance.

UCalgary offers two cybersecurity training modules that have been specifically designed for researchers

The first course, Introduction to Research Security, focuses on introducing learners to why research security matters, how it can benefit both researchers and their work, and ways to start developing cybersecurity core competencies.

The second course, Cyber Security for Researchers, provides an overview of the cyber-threat environment, provides cybersecurity resources, and helps learners to practise safe handling, storing and transmitting of sensitive research data. It also equips researchers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about potential cybersecurity issues.

Based on training provided through the Safeguarding your Research portal

To access more resources, use your CAS credentials to log into the Research Security Sharepoint site.