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Innovation is transforming the ways we live and work. How will you thrive in a rapidly changing world?

FutureU is an Innovation@UCalgary initiative that invites students to discover the world of innovation through hands-on learning and community-based activities. Students are provided with opportunities to explore emerging trends and ideas, meet engaging leaders from on and off campus, develop future skills for the knowledge economy, and think about their place in the world beyond the classroom. Our goal is to help students build a sustainable life working on challenges they care about.

2019 - 2020 Program Highlights

FutureU Climate Talks

Our campus community is invited to conversations with leading innovators about environmental, social and economic challenges connected to climate action.

FutureU Climate Ideathons

Students who are inspired to take action can try tackling challenges brought forward in Climate Talks, or through other channels, with the support of experienced mentors. Funding and other support is available for those who want to go forward beyond the weekend.

Moving Mountains Climate Confluence

All active and aspiring climate innovators are invited to this 3-day confluence designed around active workshops, project development, partnership building and creativity through the arts.

FutureU MentorLink Community

An online space dedicated to identifying mentors and peers who can help you on your journey. Check out our resources section to get access to tools, digital media, and student programs available on campus.

Why participate?

  • Discover emerging career opportunities within the changing economy
  • Develop valuable skills that will help you build the life you want
  • Learn from experienced local leaders who are creating impact in our city
  • Network with potential employers and discover what they're looking for when adding to their team
  • Connect with engaged students and supportive mentors through our online community hub
  • Accelerate your learning beyond scheduled activities using our digital curriculum
  • Access tools, mentorship, funding and other support to advance your innovative ideas
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Start Connecting

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Get Involved

Get Involved

Attend an upcoming activity to start learning about the world of innovation and your place within it. Mark your calendars for the Moving Mountains Climate Gathering taking place March 27-29.

Have questions or want to get involved?

Connect with our team at Innovation@UCalgary by emailing innovation@ucalgary.ca, sign up for an upcoming event below, join our Mentor Link community to connect with mentors and access resources, and register for our mailing list to receive periodic updates.

Featured events

FutureU Ideathons

All UCalgary students who are inspired to take action on climate change are invited to join us for this creative problem-solving activity. Our question for you: how could you make an impact with $1000?

An ideathon will be held in March. Over the course of the ideathon, you will research challenges relating to climate change, work with other students to brainstorm innovative solutions, improve your ideas with the help of mentors, and develop new skills. We’ll provide you with food, tools and resources throughout the weekend to help you move forward. At the end of the experience, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on your work and present your ideas to receive one of three $1000 prizes to advance your idea to the next stage.

Ideathon Prize Information

  • Up to three (3) $1000 prizes will be awarded to student teams at the end of each individual ideathon (March 6-7, March 13-14, March 20-21).
  • Teams that wish to be considered for a prize will be asked to provide a three-minute presentation about their project to a committee of judges
  • Judges will evaluate presentations with the following criteria:
    • Has the team presented a project that aligns with the focus of the ideathon?
    • Has the team demonstrated a clear understanding of the problem they’d like to address?
    • Has the team identified potential beneficiaries that would be positively impacted by their project?
    • Has the team arrived at an innovative approach to address the problem?
    • Has the team communicated their ideas effectively? Have they specified their next steps?
  • The winning teams will be determined by judges using a ranked ballot voting system
  • Cash prizes may only be awarded to current UCalgary students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate level program, however, not all team members are required to be students.
  • Students must be working in teams of at least two people to be eligible
  • Student must have actively participated in each of the three active learning workshops to be eligible for prizes
  • Prizes will be awarded up to four weeks following the ideathon.The value will be distributed evenly amongst all students on the winning team.
  • Winning teams may be asked to talk about their projects at a forthcoming community event

2019-2020: Innovation in Climate Action

How are you contributing to a low-carbon future?  

Climate action is front of mind for many Canadians today, and especially so for young Canadians as they think about their futures. We know that how we live will need to fundamentally shift in order to meet our climate reduction targets, and this presents an opportunity to think about the world we want to create. Rather than being reactive, how do start solving problems now and invent a sustainable future we envision?


Inspiring a Changemaking Culture

How can art, storytelling, and education transform our culture and inspire us to take action on climate change?

Cleaner Energy and Healthier Environments

How do we protect and strengthen living systems that promote health? What is needed to enable a sustainable energy future?

Reimagining our Institutions

In what ways can governments, businesses, educational institutions, and our legal system be transformed to facilitate climate action?

Thank you to our program supporters:

Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, Innovate Calgary, Office of Sustainability, and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


This program is supported by the Research Support Fund and Incremental Project Grant.

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