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ACWA facilities support research and development, knowledge transfer, de-risking and piloting of leading-edge wastewater treatment technologies.

At ACWA’s unique, $36.8 million facility and research hub, interdisciplinary teams of researchers and technology developers can confidently push the boundaries of science and technology. The facility is integrated into The City of Calgary’s Pine Creek wastewater treatment plant and includes ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane modules, plus O3 and H2O2 oxidation with and without UV. 

In addition to process slipstreams available from the Pine Creek plant, ACWA has 12 x 320 m naturalized streams, where dosing and exposure experiments can be done to assess receiving environment affects under “real world” conditions. Infrastructure can route discharges from pilot test units and streams to Pine Creek’s headworks, which allows aggressive testing of new technologies and approaches without negative impacts to the environment or the need to secure test-specific discharge permits.

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