Training at ACWA

Knowledge Mobilization

ACWA mobilizes knowledge to advance water, stormwater and wastewater research and promote a One Water approach in our communities.

How we mobilize our expertise

ACWA provides services to technology developers and end users in the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors on a fee-for-service basis. We work with clients to develop a custom scope of services that best meets their needs. 

Access ACWA

ACWA offers facility access and services for researchers and industry. Contact us to learn how ACWA can support your projects. 

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Access to network of researchers

ACWA actively maintains a network of researchers at the University of Calgary and beyond with specialties in engineering, science and policy, that can contribute to projects on an as-needed basis.  We can provide introductions or we can assemble a customized team who can take on a specific project to address your challenge.

Involvement with professional networks

ACWA maintains memberships and working relationships with a number of key wastewater networks, such as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs), Alberta Water Council, and the Canadian Water Network. 

Access to monitoring datasets

ACWA has a multi-year dataset of monthly water quality monitoring from its tertiary treatment modules and the associated receiving environment in the 12 experimental creeks.  ACWA also has a multi-year dataset of operational parameters from its tertiary treatment modules. Researchers and technology developers have used portions of these data sets to gain a more detailed understanding of treatment performance, operational fluctuations, and receiving environment effects.

Educational opportunities

ACWA strongly supports educational opportunities. We regularly host a range of groups to tour and learn about ACWA, including postsecondary students, industry, municipalities, regulators, water stewardship groups, and the general public. We can also host workshops for the innovation system and support educational components of various courses related to sustainability and the introductory aspects of wastewater treatment. University graduate students from a number of institutions also conduct research at ACWA.