Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The AMR – One Health Consortium espouses belief in equity, diversity and inclusion. Specifically, the AMR – One Health Consortium recognizes that equity, diversity and inclusion strengthen research communities and help to generate high-quality research and innovation that is socially relevant, impactful, and accessible to diverse populations. The AMR – One Health Consortium is committed to working with our institutional partners to implement policies, processes, and initiatives that mitigate biases and remove barriers to inclusion.  


Specifically, the AMR – One Health Consortium recognizes that:

  • The diverse members of our community must see themselves fairly represented in the governance of the Consortium
  • Incorporating equity and diversity considerations into recruitment processes for researchers, trainees and all team members enhances the inclusiveness of our research community
  • Ensuring that research design is informed by equity, diversity, and inclusion-related considerations will generate research that is more rigorous and better serves the communities it is intended to benefit
  • The creation of a respectful and inclusive culture that values a diversity of perspectives is the responsibility of all members of our research community