Project Snapshot

Treatment Optimization Pillar

Development of Spectrum DVM: An iOS and Android “App” for Veterinary Stewardship

WHO Essential Antibacterials “App” Development

Development of a Tele-Stewardship Platform for Healthcare and Veterinary Prescribers

Principal Investigator: John Conly, MD  

Co-Investigator(s): K Orsel, DVM, PhD; H Barkema, DVM, PhD; S Weese, DVM; H Hoang, MD; L Saxinger, MD

Project Theme: Education and Societal Impact

The Aim

  1. To promote optimal use of antibiotics for selected veterinary species-specific syndromes with Canadian or provincially specific guidelines
  2. To facilitate collaboration and management of the WHO essential medicine antibacterial list by syndrome content and to develop a tele-stewardship platform in Alberta.


Why is This Important?

Appropriate use of antibiotics from a One Health perspective may diminish bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. Use of algorithmic apps and tele-stewardship represent novel platforms.


Improve optimal selection of antibiotics for appropriate syndromes within a One Health lens.

Research Questions

  1. Can an antibacterial algorithmic “app” be developed for selected species-specific syndromes guidelines for veterinary settings?
  2. Can the WHO essential medicine antibacterial list deployment by syndrome content (21 syndromes in adults and children/5 specific childhood infections and 3 STIs) be facilitated by app development?
  3. Can we build a platform to enable capacity building by developing the Alberta Tele-stewardship Network?

Our Approach

Investigators in Calgary, Edmonton, and Guelph, with the aid of software consultants in BC and tele-stewardship personnel within AHS, will be working to facilitate appropriate syndromic specific prescribing using modern platforms and appropriate guidelines.

Leveraged Sources of Support

  • AHS
  • WHO

Knowledge & Technology: Exchange and Exploitation

  • Modelling the app after the successful Spectrum Calgary app
  • Capacity building for stewardship in remote areas

Highly Qualified Personnel

  • 1 PhD
  • 1.5 Research Associates
  • Spectrum Software Developers