AMR: A One Health Approach

Graduate Online Course 


20 lecture sessions

Time Commitment

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

11:45 am - 1:00 pm



75 minutes/ session 



Foundation of AMR from a One Health Perspective

To have a comprehensive understanding of AMR and to address its rising threats requires a holistic approach- referred to as One Health. This online graduate course provides various approaches of addressing AMR issues in a wider context that is important and practical for sustainable development of control strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Complex contributing factors to antimicrobial use and the emergence and spread of AMR
  • Practical approaches to limiting antimicrobial misuse in various contexts
  • The global interdependence of people, animals, and the environment (One Health)
  • The role of One Health in complex problems and AMR
  • AMR surveillance requirements and mitigation efforts
  • Ethical and legal issues relevant to AMR and policy development

What to expect?

  • 20 live lecture sessions from a wide array of One Health experts
  • 2 live Q&A sessions with some One Health experts
  • 1 written assignment (only for credit seeking students)
  • 1 online exam (only for credit seeking students)



Course period: Sep 7 - Dec 3, 2020

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