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About the Peak Scholars program

The Peak Scholars program celebrated the accomplishments of over 200 scholars at the University of Calgary from 2014-2021. These are scholars whose academic work in knowledge engagement, entrepreneurship, tech transfer, innovation or collaborative research resulted in a positive social or economic impact in our communities.

The vision for Peak Scholars was to recognize the works of our colleagues, and also to inspire others to pursue innovation as part of their scholarly activities.

Deans were invited to nominate scholars from their faculty who demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship, innovation and/or knowledge engagement, where the individual’s academic work had a proven impact outside of the academy. Including, but not limited to: start-up ventures, commercialization, knowledge or technology transfer, community engagement, social innovation or research collaboration. Deans could nominate a number of scholars proportional to the size of their faculty, as well as one postdoctoral scholar.

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2021 Peak Scholars

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