Nominate a scholar for prizes and awards

As a leading research-intensive, learner-centred institution, the University of Calgary takes great pride in the scholarly contributions of its faculty and staff. For this reason, the University strongly encourages its community to nominate colleagues for prizes and awards that acknowledge the caliber of the individual as well as the University of Calgary.


Anna LeMarquand
Specialist, Research Awards and Grants

Maryam Tahir
Specialist, Research Awards and Chairs


Or contact a Faculty representative.

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Research Awards Initiative

In 2017, the Executive Leadership Team approved the Research Awards Initiative with the aim to build a culture where faculty members actively seek to nominate their colleagues for prestigious awards and to help the University win recognition for its research excellence.

  • Committee Structure - The Research Awards Initiative established a formal committee structure to improve the University’s performance in the research awards portfolio by sharing best practices, setting goals, and reviewing performance.
    • The Research Awards Steering Committee serves to provide overall strategic advice, and make recommendations to the Vice-President (Research) on any issues related to the nomination of faculty members for prestigious external research awards.
    • The Research Awards Working Committee serves to share and develop best practices for the nomination of faculty members for external research awards, identify suitable nominees and awards, and generally assist the Research Awards Steering Committee in meeting institutional and faculty-specific goals.
    • SUPPORT: Research AwardsThe SUPPORT Research Awards committee plays an important role in reviewing nominations for prestigious external research awards as well as assessing the suitability of a candidate for one of these awards. The SUPPORT Research Awards committee also reviews and makes recommendations to the President and Vice-President (Research) for institutional nominations.
  • Initiatives
    • Awards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Plan - As a joint initiative between the Offices Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), and the Vice-President (Research), the Awards EDI Plan assesses barriers to equity in current awards nomination processes for external research and teaching awards, identifies promising practices, and outlines specific objectives and measures for the diversification of our nominees. Feedback continues to be welcome on the plan and will be incorporated into the plan on an ongoing basis through an iterative process.   

Research Services

Research Services can help with award nominations in several different ways:

  • send out notification of upcoming deadlines
  • review the requirements and terms of reference with anyone wanting to put forward a nomination package
  • solicit letters of reference on behalf of the nominator
  • solicit application signatures for any nomination forms
  • meet with you to discuss possible nominees and how to go about putting together your nomination
  • review nomination packages for completeness
  • submit nominations via courier