SUPPORT: Research Awards

The SUPPORT Research Awards committee plays an important role in improving nominations for prestigious external research awards through peer review by faculty members who have won major national awards and sat on selection committees for these awards. The SUPPORT Research Awards committee will review nominations for a select list of prestigious awards, advise on the suitability of a candidate for these awards, and canvass the faculty to find suitable nominees. The SUPPORT Research Awards committee also assists the President and Vice-President (Research) in reviewing requests for institutional nominations.

The Strategic University Proposal and Platform Opportunity Review Team (SUPPORT) is a Vice‐President (Research)-led initiative created in 2010 to help researchers at the University of Calgary to become more successful in major grant and award competitions while ensuring that institutional commitments can be fulfilled. The SUPPORT committee process is administered by the Research Services Office. 


Erin O'Toole
Specialist, Research Prizes, Awards, and Chairs


Or contact a Faculty representative.

Committee Reviews

Nomination Reviews: the SUPPORT: Research Awards committee regularly meets to review nominations for awards with upcoming deadlines, typically 1-2 months prior to the agency deadline. The committee aims to provide feedback to nominators and nominees within 3-4 weeks of submission. 

Note that SUPPORT review is not required for nominations (with the exception of quota-limited programs), and SUPPORT encourages faculty to nominate as frequently as possible.

The committee will meet in January 2021 to review nominations. The committee invites the University of Calgary research community to submit nomination materials for the following awards:

NSERC Prizes:

Royal Society of Canada Medals and Awards (Expected deadline: March 1, 2021)

Humanities and Social Sciences:



SSHRC Impact Awards - SUPPORT review mandatory as only one nominee may be forwarded per category. Letter of Intent and candidate CV required for internal selection. See calendar entries linked below for details. (Expected deadline: April 1, 2021).

What to include in the review package: Refer to the linked calendar entries (above) for details on what to include in the SUPPORT review package for each award. If additional components of the nomination package are available by the SUPPORT deadline, the committee would be pleased to review all available materials.

Deadline for SUPPORT review: January 11, 2021

Feedback will be provided to applicants and faculties within 3-4 weeks of submission. Your faculty or Associate Dean (Research) must submit the request for review to

Candidate Review:

In addition to reviewing nomination materials, the SUPPORT: Research Awards committee is available to review potential candidates for nominations for awards on the Prestigious Awards List, providing recommendations on whether to proceed with the nomination and identifying areas to strengthen with a view towards a future nomination. Candidate reviews are completed on a rolling basis. Please email the candidate’s CV and the name of the award to Research Services at

Upcoming Prestigious awards deadlines include:

Prestigious Research Awards

The SUPPORT: Research Awards committee reviews nominations and potential candidates for a select number of prestigious external research award programs. This list is approved and regularly reviewed by the Research Awards Working Committee. As of August 2020, this list includes:

For more information on how to submit nomination materials or candidate information for review, click on one of the above links or contact

If you would like SUPPORT to review a nomination for an award not on the above list, please contact your Faculty's awards representative. Requests are subject to approval by the Research Awards Working Committee.