2022 Conference Materials

Presentations (PDFs) from Institute Conference 2022: Back to the Centre: Back to the Future of Gambling Research. June 23 - 25, 2022. See also: Final Program, Session Presenters & Poster Presentations.

Session Title Presenter Name(s)
01 “Casinos in the Wild”: Settler Colonialism, Provincial Hegemony, and the Indigenous Challenge of Pursuing Economic Sovereignty Belanger, Yale & Manitowabi, Darrel
02 New Ideas in Harm Minimization in Gambling Jonsson, Jakob
03 Who's responsible for Responsible gambling? Exploring the impact of RG programs and gamblers’ beliefs about
responsibility for minimizing gambling harm
Gray, Heather
04 The Science behind Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines Young, Matthew & Hodgins, David
05 PANEL: How can Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines reduce harm? Implementation ideas Dowling, Nicki; Gray, Heather; Jonsson; Jakob; Volberg, Rachel
06 AGRI National Project (ANP): Overview and Update Williams, Robert
07 Canada’s Provincial & Territorial Gambling Revenue 2020/21 Stevens, Rhys
08 Online gambling, and migration to online gambling, during the Canadian COVID Lockdown Shaw, Carrie
09 Harm Minimization Training, Knowledge, and Behaviour of Canadian Casino Employees Christensen, Darren
10b Machine Learning for Discovery and Prevention: Identifying behavioural markers of self-reported gambling problems in France and Quebec Murch, W. Spencer
10c Gambling researchers’ experiences producing research published as grey literature Baxter, David
10d Are the Causes and Symptoms of Gambling Disorder Similar to Substance Use and Behavioural Addiction? Examining the Perspectives of People with Lived Experiences Kim, Hyoun S. (Andrew)
11a So, you're a gambling researcher who wants to study computer games? Five tips for tackling the field Johnson, Mark R.
11b Gambling and the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Province of Quebec (Canada): A Mixed Methods Study Brodeur, Magaly
11c Garbage in, garbage out? Improving the quality of behavioral addiction data from panel and crowdsourced samples Yakovenko, Igor
11d Parlays and Problems: Sports Gamblers’ Experiences of Problem Gambling Progression Kostek, Riley
12 The Social and Economic Impacts of a Resort-style Casino in Western Massachusetts Volberg, Rachel
13 Sumptuary Laws, Sumptuary Ethics, and Gambling: Lessons from the COVID-era Bedford, Kate
14 Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions: Providing ‘in-the-moment’ support for gamblers Dowling, Nicki
15 Gambling, intimate partner violence and economic abuse against women: Insights from people with lived experience Hing, Nerilee