2021 Conference Materials

Presentations (PDFs) and research posters (PDFs) from Institute Conference 2021: Gambling in Canada: Current Research & Future Directions. April 27 - 29, 2021. See also: Presentation videos and research poster videos and Final Program.

Session Title Presenter Name
01 The AGRI National Project:Overview & Main Prevalence Findings Williams, Robert
02 Gambling in Canada: Behind the Numbers Stevens, Rhys
03 Responsible Gambling in Canada: An Analysis of the RG Check Patron Surveys Christensen, Darren
04 Employee Awareness and Referrals: Learning from Responsible Gambling Check Employee Surveys Nicoll, Fiona
05 Problem Gambling and Problem Gambling Recovery in Canada Hodgins, David
06 Where Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Self-Determination Meet: The State of Indigenous Gaming and the State of Canada Belanger, Yale
07 One Year Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Canada McGrath, Dan
08 The Etiology of Problem Gambling in Canada Williams, Robert
09 Impact of COVID on Gambling in Canada: A Prospective Study Leonard, Carrie A.
10 Going Beyond Set a limit and stick to it – Canada's First Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines Currie, Shawn
10 Going Beyond Set a limit and stick to it – Canada's First Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines Young, Matthew
11 Future of Commercial Gambling Provision in Canada Lautischer, Steve
12 Future of Indigenous Commercial Gambling Provision in Canada Dixon, Chief Darcy
12 Future of Indigenous Commercial Gambling Provision in Canada Marshall, Murray
13 Future of Responsible Gambling in Canada Baich, Eric
13 Future of Responsible Gambling in Canada Wiebe, Jamie
14 Players' Arousal and Reward Signatures to Loot Boxes: If it Looks Like a Duck and Walks Like a Duck, It’s a Form of Gambling Dixon, Mike
15 Loyalty Programs: Potentials for Harm and Possibilities for Harm-Minimization Wohl, Michael
16 Gambling to Cope with Negative Emotions vs. Gambling to Cope with Stress: Longitudinal and Daily Diary Studies Stewart, Sherry
17 Toward an Animal Model of Gambling Euston, David
18 Youth sports wagering: Lessons Learned and Implications for Canadian Researchers and Policy Makers Derevensky, Jeff
19 Exploring Trends in Canadian Gambling Research Publications: Alignment with the Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling over a 12-Year Period Hilbrecht, Margo
20 Gambling Within Video Games: Update on New Developments and Risk Factors Yakovenko, Igor
21 Testing the Effects of Monetary Format on Gambling Behaviour: The Need for Convergent Research Clark, Luke
22 COVID-19 and Gambling; Impact and Adaptation Turner, Nigel
23 Concurrent Treatment for Gambling and Alcohol Use Disorders and Their Comorbidities: Mechanisms of Change with Congruence Couple Therapy (Presentation Unavailable) Lee, Bonnie & Ofori-Dei, Samuel
24 Research for Solutions: Two Indexes to Map and Cap Gambling Papineau, Élisabeth
25 Impact of Electronic Bingo on Gamblers Reported Perceptions and Behaviours Sévigny, Serge
26 Using the Courts to Prevent Gambling Harm: Current Advances Simpson, Rob
27 Gambling Fallacies During the Pandemic Leonard, Carrie A.
28 Incorporation and Financial Constraints: Evidence from Lottery Winners Scholnick, Barry
29 Confronting the Windigo in Indigenous Casinos: Theory and Practice Manitowabi, Darrel
30 Poker Players as a Distinct Subgroup of Gamblers: Research Findings and Practical Implications Shead, Will
31 Concurrent Recovery & Addiction Substitution: What Happens After People Recover from Gambling Kim, Andrew
32 Advancing the Pathways Model: Financially Focused Self-concept and Erroneous Beliefs as Core Psychopathologies in Disordered Gambling Tabri, Nassim
33 What You Do (and Don't) Need To Know about Atlantic Lottery Corporation v Babstock Chamberlain, Erika
Poster Executive Function Impairments as Vulnerability Markers for Gambling Disorder: A Family Study Aidelbaum, Robert
Poster A daily diary investigation of self-regulation in gambling: factors contributing to success and failure in playing within self-imposed gambling limits Allen, Sasha
Poster A protocol for identifying gambling grey literature for systematic and scoping reviews Baxter, David
Poster Development and validation of a DSM-5 version of the National Opinion Research Center Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Problems (NODS) Brazeau, Brad W.
Poster A Preliminary Investigation into the Transdiagnostic Features of Behavioural Addictions and Substance Use in Individuals Seeking Treatment for Gambling Disorder Cowie, Megan E.
Poster Compulsion without motivation: the effects of slot machine-like schedules on a depressive animal model Dorchak, Danika L.
Poster Longing for the game: Nostalgia for gambling predicts relapse among people living with a gambling disorder Dowson, Mackenzie E.
Poster Predictors of treatment goal outcome for problem gamblers who received a brief motivational intervention Ethier, Ashley R.
Poster Addiction Chronicity: Are all Addictions the Same? Gooding, Nolan B.
Poster Social Network Moderates the Association Between Recent Retirement and Problem Gambling Severity Among Older Adults Gorenko, Julie
Poster Traditional Indigenous Forms of Gambling and Games HeavyShield, Marley
Poster Correlates of Anxiety Symptoms Among People Seeking Treatment for Gambling Disorder Kim, Hyoun S. (Andrew)
Poster Negative and positive urgency moderate the relationship between attentional bias and problem gambling in electronic gaming machine players Kim, Hyoun S. (Andrew)
Poster Investigating Mind-Wandering, (Dark) Flow, and Affect During Multiline and Single-line Slot Machine Simulations Kruger, Tyler B.
Poster Winning isn't everything: The impact of optimally challenging Smartphone games on flow, game preference and individuals gaming to escape aversive bored states Larche, Chanel J.
Poster Does dopamine agonist treatment create brains that are vulnerable to gambling addiction? Laskowski, Catherine S.
Poster Development of an Ecologically Valid Non-Human Primate Model of Gambling Leca, Jean-Baptiste
Poster Primary Gambling Motives Among Individuals Who Participate in Speculative Financial Market Activities Leslie, Diandra
Poster Illegal Gambling in Canada Mackey-Simpkin, Sean
Poster Problem video gaming in adolescents:An examination of the Pathways Model Marchica, Loredana
Poster Gambling in Canadian Primary Care: A Narrative Review Peel, Marie-Audrey
Poster Moving from social gambling to problem gambling to recovery: Contextual factors Piquette, Noëlla
Poster Examining Problem Gaming During COVID-19: Subgroups and Mental Health Correlates Ritchie, Emma V.
Poster Self-Coding of Memory Associations: A Simple Method to Resolve Ambiguity and Improve Prediction of Behaviours Russell, Gillian
Poster Common Predictors of Adolescent Intentions to Gamble, Drink, and Use Cannabis Russell, Gillian
Poster Cognitive distortions, reward-related decision-making, and trait impulsivity in community gamblers:a structural equation model study Schluter, Magdalen
Poster Moderating Effects of Sex and Coping on the Relationship between Trauma and Addictive Behaviours: A Longitudinal Study using a Parallel Process Latent Growth Curve Model Sharif-Razi, Maryam
Poster The Relationship Between Gambling Fallacies, Gambling, and Speculative Financial Market Activities Sontag, Roxanne
Poster Co-Use of Substances in a Longitudinal Survey of Ontario Gamblers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Stark, Sasha
Poster Adverse childhood experiences are associated with increased gambling frequency among Alberta adults during the COVID-19 pandemic Trottier, Maegan