2023 Conference Materials

Presentations (PDFs) from Institute Conference 2023: Contemporary Issues in Gambling Research. March 30 - April 1, 2023. See also: Final Program, Session Presenters, Poster Presentations & interview with presenter Dr. Michael Naraine (April 20, 2023).

SessionTitlePresenter Name(s)
01The Slot Machine of Sports Betting? Who, Why, and the Harms of In-Play Sports BettingKim, Andrew
02The New Landscape of Sports Betting in CanadaNaraine, Michael
03The Potential Impacts of Legalized Sports Betting in the United StatesVolberg, Rachel
04Panel: Regulating Sports Betting: What We Know to Develop Policy and Reduce HarmsMachado, Kandice, Andrew Kim, & Rachel Volberg
05The Social Practice of Indigenous Gambling in Ontario in the Past and PresentManitowabi, Darrel
06Giwii-nisidotanmin odaminowin: A panel on videogaming in everyday life in Northwestern Ontario from the Indige-Spheres to Empowerment youth research group.Indige-Spheres Youth Group
07Statistics Update: Provincially - Regulated Online Gambling in CanadaStevens, Rhys
08What Types of Treatments do Canadians with Problem Gambling Typically Go for and Find Helpful?Allami, Youssef
09Stakeholder and General Population Attitudes Towards Gambling in Canada: (Dis) harmony?Shaw, Carrie
10Motives for (and Against) Cryptocurrency Ownership in Young Adults During a Bull MarketMcGrath, Daniel
11aIndigenous Sovereignty and Casino Closures in Canada and United StatesGordon, Ted & Savannah Supan
11bSeekers of Couple Therapy for Gambling and Alcohol Use Disorders: How Did They End Up?Lee, Bonnie
11cConsidering Online Gambling in the Broader Context of Digital WellbeingStark, Sasha
11dKnowledge Derived from Lived Experiences of Gambling AddictionBusenius, Andree
12aLoot Boxes and Problem Gambling: Investigating the “Gateway Hypothesis”Lloyd, Joanne
12bSPRinG: A Digital Health Tool to Support Self-Management of Problem GamblingMcLuhan, Arthur,
Flora Matheson, & Madison Ford
12cEmpowering Cities and Communities to Manage Harmful Gambling EnvironmentsPapineau, Elisabeth
12dDo Casinos Create Economic Development? A 15-Year National Analysis of Local U.S. Retail Sales and
Employment Growth
Krutz, Jonathan
13Reduce the Speed and Ease of Online Gambling in Order to Prevent HarmNewall, Philip
14Online Gambling in Canada: Prevalence, Participants, Regulatory Capture, and HarmWilliams, Robert
15Venue and Online-based Self-Exclusion as Harm Reduction: What we Know and What we Need to KnowHodgins, David
16What Can we Learn from Gambling Researchers Working in Humanities, Social Sciences and Law?Nicoll, Fiona & Kate Bedford