2024 Conference Materials [Coming Soon]

Presentations (PDFs) from Institute Conference 2024: Trends & Challenges in Gambling Research. April 11-13, 2024. See also: Final Program, Session Presenters and Poster Presentations.

SessionTitlePresenter Name(s)
01Media portrayal of sports betting in Canada before and after Bill C-218Clark, Luke 
02The impact of wide-open sports gambling and marketing on helpline and treatment numbers in OntarioTurner, Nigel 
03Online gambling direction and depth [To request presentation slides, please contact dan.keene@aglc.ca]Keene, Dan
04Betting on the moment: Unravelling the whys behind in-play sport wagering and the use of cash-outWohl, Michael 
05Gambling reforms in VictoriaBilli, Rosa 
06Understanding gambling in everyday life: What can we learn from thousands of in-the-moment assessments?Dowling, Nicki 
07An assessment of cryptocurrency ownership in a national sample of CanadiansMcGrath, Dan
08Developing a new approach for measuring gambling behaviours and harms in Great BritainBryce, Helen & Laura Balla
09Canadian casino EGM players perception of RG/HM measures: Implications for public policyChristensen, Darren 
10My strange addiction: Can dopamine replacement therapy cause behavioural addictions? Laskowski, Catherine 
11Migrating from land-based to online gambling: Who bets on what and why?Allami, Youssef 
12The long and winding road to gambling disorder treatmentHodgins, David 
13A review of international restrictions for gambling advertising and inducementsStark, Sasha 
14Provincial regulation of online gambling and indigenous peoples in Alberta: Evaluating the potential regulatory schemesBelanger, Yale 
15Impact of advertising on gambling behavior & harmsVolberg, Rachel 
16Gambling schedules and the illusion of rewardEuston, David 
17The impact of motivational interviewing paired with a web-based self-help intervention for gambling problemsBrazeau, Brad 
18Gambling and COVID: The lasting impacts of the pandemic on gambling in CanadaShaw, Carrie 
19What we learned about slot-machine near misses from studying WordleDixon, Mike 
20Balancing the odds: Examining sports bettors’ use of self-regulation strategiesVieira, Jenna 
21Hedge your bets: Design, implementation, and evaluation of an online gambling harm reduction program for forensic populationsAlbright-Tolman, Jami 
22Meta-analytic research domains: The future of research on psychological treatment for gambling harmPfund, Rory 
23Gambling: Where does it begin and end and why does it matter?Nicoll, Fiona & Rob Aitken
24Developing a minimum standards framework for the involvement of individuals with lived experience in gambling researchSharman, Stephen 
25Socioeconomic impacts of casino introduction in MassachusettsWilliams, Robert