Tri-Council ongoing eligibility

FOR TRI COUNCIL GRANT HOLDERS: The Importance of Ongoing Eligibility

To apply for and hold Tri Council funding the applicant’s / grant holder’s ongoing eligibility is of paramount importance.

It is important to be aware that the eligibility requirements for each Council are substantially different.  They can even differ by program within each Council.

Researchers must be aware of and meet the eligibility criteria, as stated by each Council, at the time of application AND must maintain eligibility throughout the duration of the award.  Please note there must be no gap in the term of appointment.

If eligibility is not maintained, the grant is at risk of suspension and/or termination.

It is the researcher’s responsibility to immediately inform the Department Head/Dean and Research Services of any change to eligibility status throughout the tenure of the grant.  Such changes include:

  • Changes to position
  • Changes from full-time to part-time
  • Changes to the term of a position
  • Resignations, retirements, terminations
  • Relocations (in Canada or abroad)
  • Leaves


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Reporting changes - why it’s important

As outlined in the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions, each of the three Councils funds only those applicants who fulfill the ongoing eligibility requirements established by the respective Council.

The Institution must:

  • confirm the potential Grant Holder’s eligibility, at the time of application, in accordance with the Agency’s established eligibility requirements
  • monitor the ongoing eligibility of Grant Holders throughout the term of their award
  •  advise the relevant Agency, in a timely manner, of any change in the eligibility status of Grant Holders throughout the tenure of the grant

Ongoing eligibility is verified through an annual coordinated exercise during which the UofC informs the Councils of any changes in status and leaves for each Grant Holder. In addition to this annual coordinated exercise, Grant Holders are responsible for informing, without delay, the relevant Institution and Agency of any change in their eligibility status.

Research Services needs the cooperation of researchers, Department Heads and Deans to communicate any status changes to ensure the UofC meets its obligation to the funding agencies.

When a Researcher is no Longer Eligible

  • The Agency will suspend current funding and future installments pending confirmation that the researcher has obtained an eligible status
  • Confirmation must be received by the Agency within three (3) months of thegrantee losing their eligible status (i.e. grace period) or the grant will be cancelled
  • The researcher may not use their grant funds during this three (3) month graceperiod
  • If eligible status is not attained during this timeframe the award will be terminated