National Gambling Study

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada

  • The project is a three-year (2018-2020) comprehensive scholarly research investigation of gambling and problem gambling in Canada being undertaken by an inter-university research team led by principal investigator Dr. Rob Williams and project manager Dr. Carrie Leonard.
  • The project has ten main research goals, with the overarching objective being to comprehensively document what is known about the prevalence, pattern and impacts of gambling in Canada so as to better maximize its benefits and minimize its harms.

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada: A National Study - COVID-19 Supplement

This research grant examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gambling in Canada. It is a two-wave panel study being administered by Leger which re-recruits online panel participants from "Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada: A National Study."

Project Approved 2020-21

Dr. Robert J. Williams, Faculty of Health Sciences, U of Lethbridge; Dr. Carrie Leonard, Dept. of Psychology, U of Lethbridge

Alberta Gambling Research Institute
Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research
Gambling Research Exchange Ontario

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Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada: A National Study