Prevention of Transmission

Project Theme: Innovation and Commercialization

Does Wastewater Treatment promote AMR?

Does Antibiotic Use and Wastewater Treatment Encourage the Development of Antimicrobial Resistance?

Principal Investigator: Leland Jackson


Project Snapshot

Glycopeptides as antibiotic alternatives

Structure and function study of glycopeptides as anti-adhesive agent 

Principal Investigator: Jianping Wu 


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Reducing AMU through animal breeding

Reducing antimicrobial use by selecting for animals more resilient to infectious disease 

Principal Investigator: Graham Plastow


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Identifying virulence markers for Strep B

Identification of novel group B Streptococcal proteins associated with virulence 

Principal Investigator: Greg Tyrell


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Pathways for transmission of Strep A

Understanding the epidemiology of invasive Strep A in Alberta leading to the development of novel therapeutic and prevention strategies 

Principal Investigator: Greg Tyrell


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Project Theme: Education and Societal Impact

Sociotechnical systems analysis for AMR innovation

Identification of sociotechnical system elements to inform knowledge products and the Internet of Things (IoT) innovations 

Principal Investigator: John Conly


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Project Theme: Policy, Economics, & Sustainability

Decolonization prior to hip/knee replacement

Implementation of decolonization for Staphylococcus aureus prior to hip and knee replacements in Alberta

Principal Investigators: Elissa Rennert-May & Jenine Leal


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Economics of reduced AMU in swine and beef cattle

Economics of reduced AMU in swine and beef cattle

Principal Investigator: Ellen Goddard


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Diagnostics testing for blood steam infections

A cost analysis of the effectiveness of rapid identification and susceptibility testing of positive blood cultures

Principal Investigator: Dan Gregson


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