Treatment Optimization

Project Theme: Innovation and Commercialization

Validation of Novel Targets

Principal Investigator: Amit Bhasvar 


Project Snapshot

Drug discovery: from Antivirals to Antibiotics?

Principal Investigator: Matthias Gotte


Project Snapshot

Antimicrobials in Pregnancy & Infant Outcomes

BOOM-antimicrobial resistance: impacts of intrapartum antimicrobials on the health of Albertan infants. 

Principal Investigator: Laura Sycuro 


Project Snapshot

Stimulating Gut Immunity to Reduce AMU

Gut Innate Immunity Across Microbiome Differences During Infectious Colitis and Immunomodulatory Therapeutics in Pigs.

Principal Investigator: Eduardo Cobo


Project Snapshot

Microbiome-derived Antimicrobial Therapeutics

Development of antimicrobial therapeutics from the natural products of microbiomes 

Principal Investigator: Joe Harrison 


Project Snapshot

Project Theme: Education and Societal Impact

Optimizing calf health post weaning to reduce AMU

Health impacts of optimized pre-conditioning in beef cattle

Principal Investigator: Karin Orsel 


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Digital Apps & Virtual Health for Support

Development of spectrum DVM: an iOS and Android "App" for veterinary stewardship - WHO essential antibacterials "App" development - Development of a tele-stewardship platform for healthcare and veterinary prescribers 

Principal Investigator: John Conly

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Project Theme: Policy, Economics & Sustainability

AMR and the Law

Antimicrobial resistance and the law 

Principal Investigator: Lorian Hardcastle 


Project Snapshot

Federal Policy and antibiotic R&D

Canada's role in supporting antibiotic R&D 

Principal Investigator: Aidan Hollis 


Project Snapshot

Bedside diagnostics for C.Diff Testing

Clostridioides difficile near-patient testing versus centralized laboratory testing: a cluster randomized trial 

Principal Investigator: Dylan Pillai


Project Snapshot

Antibiotic susceptibility: drug development

Aligning Industry incentives with AMR control goals: exploring the feasibility of an antibiotic susceptibility bonus for drugs to treat gram-negative infection

Principal Investigator: Aidan Hollis 


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