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What is the One Health Approach?



What is One Health?

One Health uses a transdisciplinary approach to address problems at the intersection of people, animals, and their environments. Transdisciplinary research is conducted by investigators from various branches of knowledge collaborating and using novel, holistic approaches to a common issue. Combining diverse expertise has great potential to yield innovative adaptations that better address complex scientific and social challenges. 

In public health, determinants of health are the social, economic, and political environments that can either promote or inhibit wellness. Animal and environmental health and resilience are also impacted by characteristics of their physical environment and the anthropogenic imposition of social and economic expectations. A One Health approach can identify and implement robust and meaningful solutions to improve the health and wellness of people, animals, and the environment within existing social, economic, and political contexts.

As the world struggles to adapt to living during a pandemic, One Health has become increasingly relevant.

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Strengthening collaboration between human and animal health sectors for improved health security

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