Biogeoscience Institute

Physical location:

The Barrier Lake Field Station is located just off Highway 40, about 45 minutes west of Calgary. 

The R.B. Miller Field Station is located in Sheep River Provincial Park, and is accessible May 15 – December 1. 


Mailing address:

Biogeosciences Institute 
c/o Biosciences 186 
University of Calgary 
2500 University Dr. N.W. 
Calgary, Alberta 
Canada T2N 1N4


Phone: (403) 220-5355
Fax: (403) 673-3662


Biogeoscience Institute Staff


Dr. Steven Vamosi


Field Research Manager

Adrienne Cunnings


School Program Coordinator

Briana Van Den Bussche


School Program Coordinator

Savannah Poirier Hollander

Barrier Lake Field Station