Clinical Trial Concierge

Acting as a central point-of-contact, our Clinical Trial Concierge helps sponsors navigate and engage with the research ecosystem at the University of Calgary. The Concierge can:

  • Help interested parties connect to the resources, services and personnel required to move their research forward.
  • Develop a personalized project-specific plan to help address administrative and regulatory challenges.
  • Assist with identifying and connecting with investigators, facilities and recruitment channels.
  • Facilitate the execution of all startup activities, contract reviews, budget negotiations and ethics/regulatory approvals.
  • Foster relationships with academic and business units.
  • Serve as a personalized consultant that coordinates the operational requirements of trials so you can focus on what’s most important – your research.

If you'd like to request additional information about our clinical trial capabilities or would like to connect with the Clinical Trial Concierge, contact us. 

Industry concierge

A world-class clinical trial infrastructure

A world-class clinical trial infrastructure

Our trial-ready infrastructure combines state-of-the-art labs and facilities, efficient regulatory pathways and cutting-edge information systems designed to accelerate your clinical trials.

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